i am looking to replace my Krell with tube amps,

however Cary, Canary said that none of their amps can power Hansen Emperor because of 87db sensitive.

Anyone have their experience care to recommend.

I am upgrading my Aesthetix Calypso to Callisto sgn. with 1PS.
my room is size is 30 x 25' x 9th height in my basement. but i am using only half the space that is 15' x 25' x9'.

i have not had a chance to listen demo on Aesthetix Atlas mono, Ayon orthos ii and vulcan, Tenor 175s.

HI Bill
You are correct, i still want to keep my Krell for HT, and listen tube vocal and rock and Pop SS.
i wanted a SET but manufacturer, like Cary, Ayon said it have not enough power to drive my Hansen Emperor which is 87db, 6 ohms. Probably before i buy any tube amps i need to go for an audition, In Vancouver,BC there is no dealer carry Ultra high end tubes amp.
Happy New Year to you
Hi Chris

Auditioning is the only answer.

If you do not play highly dynamic music and stick to music valve amps shine on I at one time even used an 8W amp SET - (Trafomatic Experience 2) on some 87db speakers no problem so power is not really an issue.

However the very best valve amp I have heard - and I have heard a few these days - is the amp I mentioned previously:

The guy built it as a special order for me but was so impressed with how it sounded decided to make it part of his line up. The issue though is the guy that makes them is good - and plenty of people know it - so there is a huge wait time - mine took nine months. But if you want the best - that's it - and at 45W is quite loud enough. Of course not as dynamic as the 500W SS I also mentioned and on some music you will notice it but still quite good.

Thanks Bill
The problem buying from so far away, shipping and service takes long time.
Audio Research....but ya might wanna keep the Krell. Should have picked up a KCT preamp...tube sound without the tubes!