I am looking into the Tekton Lore's

Has anyone listen to these yet? I can not find any reveiws or info besides their website . I have 35 watt intergrated tube amp . Thanks.
You might do better if you post on the "High Efficiency Speaker Forum" over at Audio Asylum.
If you search here under Tekton Design and then click on discussions you'll find a thread entitled "Zu Omen or Tekton Lore." I'm getting some good feedback there as I too am considering Lore purchase.
Thanks everyone I have received my LORES and so far so good .
I own a pair of Lore and absolutly love them.
They are an increadable speaker.
The price is almost crazy.
I can't find a fault in the sound anywhere.
30hz-30khz, and it does it seamlessly.
Hope this helps.
Here are additional info. to consider on the TEKTON LORE.

I'm posting these as I did not find these info. even on the TEKTON website.

Weight: approx. 59 lbs each.

Binding post: 1 pair (gold plated brass), 5/16"
sticks out of rear approx. 3/4"

Footing: Aluminum spike, 1-1/2" tall, adjustable 1/8"

In addition, Eric recommends the Kimber Kable 4TC bare wires (lightly soldered ends just enough to keep braid together).

Just ordered few minutes ago. Hope to receive them in 3-5 weeks (custom finish).

Will power them with 40W/CH, EL34, push-pull ultralinear tube amp. from Sonic frontiers (Assemblage ST-40 Signature) which I built in 2000.

Preamp: SF line2 SE.

Source: LP12/ Benz micro wood L2/ K&K max-out phono preamp.

The audiogon/audio asylum communities has always helped greatly with my decision making. Thank you all! Happy listening..