I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage

I have heard it half a dozen times at home, small room, Primaluna HP Integrated or a Rogue Atlas Magnum II and RP-1 Pre and believe it or not a pair of close to 30 year old Paradigm Export Monitors.

The experience I had, I can only describe as sitting in an aquarium when the litlle rectangular glass aquarium was filled with liquid engulfing you from all directions with no awareness of the speaker boxes...it was just perfect!

The room is approximately 12 x 13 x 9, small bedroom converted to a den!

So the question is what speakers does everyone recommend to provide the same experience?? I have a budget of $2000 for the next little babies so let’s not talk about Focal uber expensive stand mounts at $9500 thank you!

Monitor not floor standers and the Primaluna is gone, it’s all Rogue And yes, I would consider a pair of floor standers that are not to intrusive.
If speakers disappearing is your desire, my experience is that Audio Physic can’t be beat. I’m using Scorpios in a similarly small room with vacuum tube electronics. Huge spacious soundstage - disappearing walls. My room has lots of variable bookshelf, record racks, desk and such to break up any constant reflections - so that contributes to the effect.
Have also used A P Virgo with similar result.  Should be available on A-gon for your price range.
As long as you keep the Rogue in the system, Ref 3a DeCapo should get you there. I have not tried this in a small space however. With patience, a good used pair should be had for $1500.
Greetings. Certain rock / pop recordings were/are recorded using holographic techniques, mainly using out of phase "tricks" which is maybe what you have experienced. But the absolute fundamental for making the best out of any equipment - including really mega, mega buck gear - is room acoustics. You can achieve this at very little cost by simple research and then some DIY effort to produce the likes of tube traps and absorbers. I have even mounted 12 umbrellas filled with BAF wadding up tight to my ceiling ( 6 of them also have inflated car inner tubes inside ). Result ? An astounding difference and all for under a 100 Euros.I have bought ZERO new equipment for the past 11 years. Good luck and Viva la Musica !
KEF LS50s and a pair of JL Audio D108 subwoofers.  
The point source, high polar dispersion of the LS50s will absolutely give you a 3-dimensional sound stage once they are properly positioned.