I am looking for information on the NAD M2 Amp

I would like to hear from members who have had experience with the NAD M2 direct digital amp. It has received great reviews from various places. I would also like to hear what you-all think of it.
Thanks in advance for all responses.

Regards, Rich
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Beautiful sounding, but not euphonic. A bit of loss in detail compared to my previous system. Sound does not change character with volume changes, NONE at all, different from most analogue amps that I have had in that one regard. No grain, harshness, siblance, just plain accurate. Sounds nothing like a "digital" amp, just sounds like a top of the line SS analogue amp. Revealing enough for true critical listening, relaxed enough to NEVER get tired of the sound. TO DIE FOR w/ 24/96 or higher native source material. Slightly opaque through the analogue inputs compared to direct digital connection (but what did you expect from an all digital amp right?). You will not confuse this for a SE Class A SS or tube amp, but I've had those previously, and am sticking with this. Easy to use and sounds really fantastic, though as I said, not warm, not euphonic, just accurate.

Digitized my entire vinyl collection, haven't spun a record since, I don't feel I'm missing a thing. (otherwise, I wouldn't be this happy) :)

Go give it a listen, you will not be sorry.

Own it, and listen everyday. LOVE IT!
currenting using for more than one year
amazing price for the sound
better to match the speaker need for large current and control