I am looking for help selecting an amplifier to match my Revel F228Be speakers.

I am looking for help selecting  an amplifier to my Revel F228F speakers (which I love!) and twin REL T/9i subs.

Currently running a NAD M22 V1 or a YBA Integre DT. The NAD is dead silent and has great bottom end but the highs can be bright/screechy/digital at times. The YBA has nice highs but has a somewhat weak bottom-end and is only 50wpc. I tried bi-amping these two amps which takes advantage of the strengths of each. The problem is matching output. The YBA amp volume is almost maxed-out to match the NADs much larger output. This results in an irritating hum from the YBA.

So I plan to sell both amps and buy another. Looking for recommendations. Budget is $7,000, for amp and $2,000 for streamer. I prefer to buy ‘almost new’ components as is seems to me that you get more ‘bang for the buck’.

I mostly listen to streaming music (80%), and CDs (15%) with the balance being vinyl. Taste in music is very wide, Jazz (25%), Acoustic guitar (25%), Blues (15%), Orchestra (10%), Rock (25%)

Current DAC is a Benchmark DAC2 HGC, streamer is a Bluesound Node 2i (which I plan to upgrade).

My acoustically treated music room is 15x20 with sloped ceilings rising to 20 feet at one end.  

At the top of my wish list is a Mark Levinson 585. I like the fact that this amp is integrated and has a built-in DAC.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I have a pair of Revel f208 towers, Benchmark DAC 2 HGC & Bluesound Node 2i along with a Rega Planar 8. I am about 70% vinyl and 30% hi‐res streaming. I run everything with an Arcam SR250 and am very pleased with my current setup. I realize the beryllium tweeter in your towers is not the same as the sb acoustics tweeter Revel uses in my F208s but I have no issues with high end harshness. Arcam is part of the Harman family now as well so maybe it is worth giving the higher end Arcam stuff a listen. That being said, your budget is a little higher than mine so ymmv. Good luck.
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I am assuming you are looking for an integrated?  

You couldn't go wrong with the 585.

If I was looking for an integrated in the $7K range, the Luxman L-509X would probably be my first choice. 

If you stretch the budget a little bit, you are also in striking distance of a used darTZeel CTH-8550 which would be top shelf.

If you are wanting just a straight power amplifier, a number of other things come to mind...Rowland 625, Krell 302e, ARC Ref 75SE or REF 150SE.  All these would work great and can be bought used for pennies on the dollar.

You'e made a great choice with the 228BE.   I had 208's for an extended period of time and now have had Salon2's for a few years.  Haven't had a chance to hear the 228BE or 328BE but I'd sure like to......
Along different lines, and I am honestly not sure of the results you would achieve, but you could buy a Schitt SYS passive pre for $50 and place it between your preamp and NAD.  To level match the NAD volume (reduce it) to that of the YBA so both are on an equal footing?

As you can tell, I am not sure this will work, but you can even return the SYS within the trial period if it doesn't.
Jetter, that's an interesting 'cheap' experiment to consider. I am using the DAC2 as a preamp currently. so not sure how the SYS would connect.

Auxinput, also a relatively inexpensive to try with a fuse change. I never heard of a fuse change making a sonic change. Can you help me understand the rational?