i am looking for good small rack

my system is made up of small comp. bel canto, res audio opus 21, hydra 4. can anyone suggest a good rack to fit these sized comp. actually saw one in a review. any help would be appreciated.
Im using a 3 shelve solid steel series 5,very content.
to each his own. i prefer a larger rack, myself.
Quadraspire is know for their smallish racks, they frequently are seen with Linn and the likes.


I know the problem your having! Many racks have grown in size of late and some gear (the Bel Canto is a great example) has shrunk to diminutive size of late.
try adona at adonacorporation.com or look up on agon.
DNM reson from the UK makes a rack that is designed to be used with their gear and the resolution opus (Jeff Kalt of Resolution and Denis Morecroft of DNM have worked together on some design elements)
The rack is very light and uses a type of light transparent "plastic" for the shelves. The rack itself is made from black, thin, hollow tubes that attach together (I believe these are aluminium). The rack is relatively affordable and comes flat packed so easy to ship and assemble or disassemble
The fit and finish is good the look is very utilitarian and when I had an all DNM system with the Resolution Opus it worked the rick as a nice tidy package.
BTW that was one of the very best systems I ever put together with the top line DNM amp, 3Dsix pre with phono and the GNSC upgrades Opus 21.
The good folks at Billy Bags will make any rack configuration/size you'd like. They could downsize any of their rack designs to a narrower width for you.
timbernation can make a rack to any size you prefer out of solid maple or walnut. i'm sure mapleshade can customize their racks for you as well. i've never purchased anything from eithe company, but they have a good word of mouth reputation from what i've seen.

how long have you had your components? i would say wait at least two or more years before committing to a custom sized rack as it would be a shame to have a small rack custom built only for you to change one of your components out for a standard size piece that no longer fits on your rack. i'm sure you've already contemplated this, but just in case...
I just purchased a Salamander Designs shelf. It holds my 6 components and includes a TV Bracket for the TV set to attach to. This allows the TV set to float above the cabinet (expensive wall mount not required). Please see http://www.salamanderdesigns.com/ They make several different models so see the web site.
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You should also check out the Audiav racks at www.audiav.com. I just purchased a custom built rack and AM VERY PLEASED. I like the cam-locks used to build the rack.. no messy or exposed hardware.. very clean looking and likely would look good with the equipment you mention. There are multiple options for shelving/finishes/even the ability to match custom wood trim if you like. All shelf heights are infinitely adjustable and it was a snap to install at home. IMO his racks are superior to many others including ADONA and Billy Bags at least in terms of function/adjustability/and subjectively aesthetics.
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Though my AudiAV rack isn't small at 6' in height and with eight signature and granite shelves, it is super good looking and solid as a rock!