I am looking for a Sumo Gold

I have a Sumo Gold and am running Maggies - Tymp. 4's. I would like to bi-amp them. It can working or in need of some work. Thanks Pete
Hello Pete,
You have a Sumo Gold? I have a Sumo Gold, but, no, I'm not selling it. ;-) Just curious, did you get yours rebuilt? I had mine rebuilt by Rick Cullen at Cullen Circuits and, so far, it has been performing wonderfully.

Wow, bi-amped Sumo Golds, that will put out some heat.I am still not sure how I am going to make it through the summer. I guess I will have to have a summer amp as well as a winter amp!

You should post some pictures of your system. I am sure people would be interested in checking it out. You can see pictures of my system here, under the title: "My Mistress"..