I am looking for a replacement remote for my Magnum Dynalab MD208 receiver.

My remote died and MD no longer services them.

This is the solid black aluminum remote with 7 buttons

If you have an old one hanging about, please post to the forum and let's connect.

Magnum Dynalab MD 208 Stereo Receiver, Amazing FM Capabilities, Factory  Serviced | eBay

Thanks and Happy New Year!



Have you had the remote serviced by a local tech may only need a good cleaning of contacts etc. remotes are really simple devices but dirt and corrosion of the contacts make them fail but can be cleaned/repaired usually. 

Another option is a universal remote, I use an apple tv remote for everything practically. 

Thanks, yes I've taken it to two reliable shops and they are pretty sure a chip has failed.

UR is an option but that's a lot of buttons...