I am looking for a processor that has...

....video upconversion to component. I would like to hook all my s-video cables into the unit and have the signal converted into component. I need a unit that does this well. Also, if there is a unit that upconverts the signal to 1080i, I would love to know about it. I believe that the Denon 5803 does this, but I'd like to go the separate way. I have taken a look at the Theater Grand III, but it does not have this feature. Does the Anthem 20 or the rotel 1098? Any help on this would be appreciated
I don't about any HT processor but DVDO iscan ultra will convert s-video, composite video to component video but only upto 480i progressive scan. It has DVI also.

Are you sure you want to spend your money going in this direction? Personally, I would get a DVD player that has component outputs, as well as S-video and then gradually upgrade each component thereafter.

Why service the S-video when you can start with something better? I am only still using S-video on my Sony trinitron and component everywhere else. the sony will suffice while the industry sorts itself out: Component/RGB/DVI/HDCP, etc.
....I guess I version, but I wasn't looking to go that way. I would like for every component to be 1080i.
...because my current model only supports s-video.