I am looking for a CD player that has the ........

.....following 3 features. The player must:
1) be Black
2) have buttons on unit that allow track advance & back. Also, buttons that allow track search (FF & REW).
3) have tube output

Price should be between $1500.00 & $2500.00 and be a newer model (1-3 years). I am considering the Audio Aero Prima. The Lector 0.5t & 0.6t look tempting but only have a play button on unit which really bugs me.

How many other dedicated CD players out there have all 3 features? Thank you everyone for your input.
Koala Tube Bluenote.
The Lector CDP 0.6t is by far the most musical CD player I have heard in any price range. It meets 2 out of 3 of your required features. Why opposed to using functions on the remote? The Lector has such a beautiful black luster finish, I would hate to see a bunch of fingerprints all over it.
You make a good point. The CD player will be used in my bedroom & it will be located just to the left of where I will be sitting at my desk. Access to buttons on the unit will be easier to use than remote. You can say I'm nit-picky & you would be right but I just like doing it that way. I could learn to use a remote if need be. After all, what is most important? Of course, Sound! Thanks for responding.
Ah Tjoeb 4000 with or without the upsampler meets all of your requirements.
A Cary 308T has all the features you seek except "track search" buttons. It believe that this model MAY have been recently discontinued now but you can probably still find a new one somewhere. New would be at he upper end of your range and used at the low end.
what is the difference sonically, between the ah tjoeb and the lector .6 ?
I've heard neither. Based on what i've read, The lector sounds nice. However, I don't want to get caught up in auditioning too many more players, like I did this past summer. Costs too much! I'm going to purchase something soon but i'm really not sure whether I want a tube or SS player for my bedroom system. This hobby is beginning to get a little too crazy for me. Anyway, I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I really appreciate it.