I am indecisive about choice due to room size

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My stereo room is 12x12 and already have the Sonus Faber V speakers and love them. I'm looking at upgrading to the VIII, but don't know if I have enough room. I'm running these with the Naim Star, NAS and use Nordost Frey 2 speaker cable and power cord. Also, am looking at trading my Star in for the Lumin T2 streamer and the new Levinson 5805 integrated. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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"Sit 2’ from your speakers and listen to them. The difference between that and your chair is room acoustics."

The difference is the speaker’s off-axis response plus the room’s acoustics. 

It is always interesting when someone says they love their speakers and want to upgrade..please don't tell me you are looking for more bass. Everyone is looking for more bass. I would guess you are looking for a rich textured mid-range with good front to back layering and you would like the speakers to disappear so you are left with just the music. 
The Charney Audio Maestro would be a perfect fit for your room. Charney designed the Maestro specifically for smaller rooms. I happened to be at Charney yesterday we listened to the Maestro with Lii Fast8 drivers ($2800.00) in his 14x19x9 room. Although the room is too large the Maestro put on a great performance. Very open soundstage, pinpoint imaging, with adequate clean bass. The Maestro maintains all the goodness of the upper tier Charney offerings just designed for a smaller room friendly platform.

The Lii Fast8 is a new driver for Charney and the site hasn’t been updated yet.

Duke, millercarbon, and erik have some valid points. Square rooms are bad particularly for bass, directional speakers are the best way of avoiding room interaction and a large percentage of the way a system sounds is due to the room. 
So how do we integrate all these factors. Will going to VIII's solve anything? Not really. With more bass it might even make the situation worse. This is a room for small Maggies, ESLs and some absorption on the front wall behind the speakers. Horns would also work like Klipsch Heresys or Cornwalls.  Down the line you could add four small subs like Duke's system. I really like Sonus Faber but dynamic speakers like that need more room to breath. Right now you are being assaulted by early reflections from all sides.