I am indecisive about choice due to room size

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My stereo room is 12x12 and already have the Sonus Faber V speakers and love them. I'm looking at upgrading to the VIII, but don't know if I have enough room. I'm running these with the Naim Star, NAS and use Nordost Frey 2 speaker cable and power cord. Also, am looking at trading my Star in for the Lumin T2 streamer and the new Levinson 5805 integrated. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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That up to 70% of what you hear in a particular system is the sound of the room

Absolutely!! Until you treat it, you can't hear anything. 
What I think happens is that over a long period of time, Audiophiles learn to hear past the room acoustics, but it's like watching a movie in a smoke filled room. 

I can also say that I've gone through a lot of hardware, but I've NEVER played merry go round with my room acoustics.  I've only added more pieces.

Test for you.  Sit 2' from your speakers and listen to them.  The difference between that and your chair is room acoustics.
Re: Speaker upgrade- What sound are you looking for? Why the want to upgrade?

If you have the cash to upgrade the Naim as well, your choices are sound. Speakers?

Have you considered a subwoofer with your existing Sonos Fabers?

I wouldn’t over sound the room...
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12x12 x 8 is limited,,,12x12 with say a 16 ft ceiling, now you have options.

Options?   Turn the room on its side?
Square rooms should be avoided. You will have a hard time overcoming the limitations and acoustic issues of a square room by upgrading any of your components. If the spare room is your only option, I would seek help fro GIK before doing anything.