I am in the market for a $ 5-6 k monoblock amplif

I am searching to buy a monoblock system between $5000 and 6000, I am replacing my Jolida JD 801, the system will be moving a couple of Martin Logan Source hybrid electrostatic systems,can ayone give an advise, I was looking at the Jolida JD 3000 a/b but is ther something better for the price?
I use tubes almost all the time, but for stats, I think you need much more instantaneous amperage. Thus you might want to look at "Sanders Sound Systems" which makes amps directly geared for ESLs. I would check them out and he is exactly in your price range. I would also investigate the highly regarded "Wyred 4 Sound" amps which are said to be a little warm and as good as many tube amps. Not sure any SS amp really images as well as good as good tube amps do, but Six Moons thought they did.

I love my VAC amps with ML Aerius speakers. I have the PA 90 D @ 100+ watts channel. Have had this setup for quite some time. Both companies great to deal with, regardless of the questions. Hope that this helps.
Rogue Audio M-150 or M-180. 4 x KT88, 2 x 12AU7, 1 x 12AX7 per amp. KT90s are used for the M-180.

Check out the Stereophile review, though I think the reviewer goes a bit far in his comparison to SS amps. The Rogues have the silky top and dimensionality that one looks for in a tube amp, but also have excellent bass control.

The specs on ML's site seem to indicate that the Source would be fine these amps.

"5 Ohms, 1.6 @ 20kHz. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers."
Get some Wolcotts (on used market)....killer on stats. Do some research on them.
I have the Herron M1 Monos and they're fantastic. There are individuals on this board that use them with their ML with fantastic results. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed!
I second the Rogue M-150 (used about $2,400) or preferrably the M-180 (about $1,100 to upgrade M150's). I used the M-150 and about a year ago upgraded to M-180 with the Logan Summits. I am very pleased with the combo. I would consider saving some money on amps and use it to move up the Logan speaker line.
I would likely buy the Clayton M200 or M300 Class A mono amps to drive thius electrostatic speaker. Maybe if you peruse the used equipment areas you can find them in this price range.

If you are looking at tubes, consider Manley Snappers, but you would need to order before February 15 when they are subject to a HUGE price increase.

If you are looking at class D, I might suggest looking at Red Dragon Audio. They offer ICE amps for $499 or $799 each that should fit the bill. The $799 amps are virtually identical to the old Bel Canto Ref1000. Red Dragon offers a return period as well, so there's no real risk. While I'm not knocking the ML Source (by all accounts, a very nice speaker), I'm not sure that I would spend $6K on a speaker that Audio Advisor is selling for $1400/pr. Of course, I've been told the same thing about spending an equivalent amount on monoblocks for my Zu's :)

Seriously, though, try Red Dragon. I conversed with them over the holidays. Very nice and very responsive. A pair of the 500 watt monoblocks should work extremely well for your application (probably at least as well if not better than the 1000 watt monoblocks). That leaves a lot of scratch left over to spend on a pre or a source.


Class D is still evolving and in my opinion the currrent menagarie of Class D amps will not bring long term satisfaction.

I just built Hypex UCD400HG with HXR monoblocks using Neotech wire, a Furutech IEC & Furutech RCAs and I must tell you that it has bettered my Berning ZH270 significantly in all areas. There is not one area that my Berning is better. It isn't even close to put it mildly. And if you do a search, I think you will find the Berning is a very highly regarded amp.

IMHO, Class D has most definitely arrived and it body-slammed my Berning.
You don't indicate how much power you want. Monarchy Audio has 2 hybrid monoamps that are just below or in your range. Both use either* a 12AT7 or 6922** for Voltage gain, a bunch of MOSFETS for output devices, and NO negative feedback, global or local. The SE-160s sell (direct) for $2400/pr. and are rated at 160Watts into 8 or 320 into 4. The SE-250s are more expensive and more powerful.

Monarchyaudio.com. Owner's name is CC Poon.

After auditioning a pair of his smaller amps, I just ordered a pair of 160s for my 89dB-sensitive Audio Physic Avanti IIIs. The smaller amps sounded great; I wanted a warmer tonal balance and more power.

* apparently the owner is transitioning from the 6922 (et al) to the 12AT7, and since these amps are made to order, you get a choice.

** 6922, 6DJ8, 6CG7, 6FQ7, 6N1P, etc.