I am hunting for a very high end manged power filter.

I need a very high end multi port managed power conditioner (if it exists) I have 4 amps running a 7.1 home theatre and multi zone system in my ski Chalet. I am not concerned about the price what I am concerned about is being able to individually cycle the power remotely to everything that's plugged into the device. I would be satisfied with 6 plug-ins I could remotely reboot, startup,shut down, monitor, and with logs if possible.

Yes I want it all. Budget is 5k ish. And no I am no trolling. When I see some nice responses to this post I will post a link to the house I'm speaking of, it is a rental.

Torus AVR 2 would meet your needs at a smidgen above your budget ...

also availabe as a wall mount, but that’s above your budget (but it’s what I have and can vouch for)

what power level do you need? This is the main driver of price. The base AVR2 20 is good for 20A, 2400VA. But for a larger system you may need more and the large WM AVR models get pricey
I know virtually nothing about computer remote controlled power systems, but as the core of a power system for audio, I opted for a large isolation transformer made by Controlled Power out of Troy Michigan. The company builds to order for medical and industrial/commercial, makes various sizes, grades and configurations to spec. Mine is a 10kVa with additional shielding and surge protection. It is installed in a NEMA weatherproof cabinet that sits outside and takes 60 amps from the main power source of the house and feeds a subpanel via 4 gauge feeders to various dedicated lines wired with 10 gauge. I used hospital grade receptacles courtesy of Albert Porter (not super fancy audiophile stuff but good). I had a commercial electrician finalize the specs- they got the quote at a wholesale price to them and quoted me a full install price which covered delivery, installation, including pouring a slab outside to hold the cabinet, and all the wiring and sub panels to a turn key install. I suspect the basic cost of the unit I have is in the neighborhood of 5k US dollars, at least to the trade. Here’s a snap of the unit open, during wiring: https://thevinylpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/IMG_0490.jpg
Nice setup @whart. As you can see the Torus WM aresimilar albeit using a toroidal transformer. These things weigh 300lb plus so installation is best left to the professionals 😏

Btw @clshades, Nyal  at Acoustic Frontiers is the absolute go to dealer for this sort of stuff and a pleasure to work with. I’d strongly recommend you give him a call
I would probably suggest you split up your needs.

Use a computer grade power switcher, along with great conditioners.

I mean, Furman makes conditioners which have a bank of switched outlets, which is great, but if you want fancier switching you may have to roll your own.

Thanks @folkfreak - I had purchased the big Equi=Tech wall cabinet for eventual install in a stand alone building, but time and expense got away from me. I eventually sold the E=T to another audiophile. I gather that Torus made those transformers. The Controlled Power are more old fashioned EI types, which throw off a lot of junk, but since it is outside of the building, it's not interfering with anything. I assume you have your wall cabinet mounted in a room somewhere other than the listening room?  The Controlled Power stuff is a fraction of the price of the audiophile products, but built to an industrial standard. I don't know what they do in terms of control systems. I gather the OP wants the ability to reboot b/c of Internet/modem issues. I assume that's doable on a big industrial type system with some ancillaries, but the black box you linked to seems to have it all, without installation costs. As the noted jurist Pierre Laval once said, "it's nice to be on the cutting edge, as long as you aren't the salami." :)
I also used to have the EquiTech but a) it had iffy GFCIs and b) not every component liked balanced power. The Torus is 240v balanced in but standard out which makes it easy to use and it really works well as the basis of my current room (which you can see in my systems page). It’s in an adjacent storage room although it’s not that noisy
Ah sorry I haven't gotten back to this we've had a very serious near death experience with my young daughter getting a very bad case of viral pneumonia. Whom we thought was a reliable family doctor proved otherwise. She's finally on the right side of it and recovering nicely so now I can finally spend some time reading all of this info and I thank all of you for spending your time to post here. 

So far I have interest in a good Torus or a couple of 120v and splitting up the work load like Eric mentioned above. The key is remote access... This may not be something I can do until the end of the ski season as the media portion of the chalet is one of the most important aspects for the guests. I am in the process of upgrading the plex server to support HEVC decoding/encoding which is proving costly. It is after all only a glorified file server.

+1 for Torus. If your electricity does not fluctuate you can buy the RM serie less expensive than the AVR. 
I tried several  high end passives before theTorus, but this one is end game for me.