I am getting Comcast HDTV, but...

they do not have a manual for the HDTV box they are bringing me, nor could anyone there answer my questions. Does anyone know what video and audio outputs are on the box? For example, do I need 3-component (Y,Pr,Pb) just for the HDTV signals, and then S-video for the remaining channels, or is all video output through the 3-component? Does it have digital audio output, or just R and L? If digital, what format? I ask this because they can only supply 6 ft. stock cables and my set is in the back of the room, too far to reach. I also will upgrade the cables anyway. Thanks.
Blueswan, the "component out" should handle all of your video. I have Charter Cable and their box provides you with an RCA digital out for all audio. I'm not sure what Comcast provides in terms of digital audio out. As long as you have "component in" on your TV, you should be all set for HDTV. This is assuming of course your TV is true HDTV capable (1080i).
I have a Sony 36in XBR Wega with a 4:3 flatscreen. It supports 480p and 1080i and has 2 sets of component inputs. I can view widescreen DVDs in 1080i (with the top and bottom of the screen blank) or I can view 4:3 DVDs on progressive and get the full 4:3 screen version with incredible resolution, depth and motion stability. I assume my TV is HD ready, no one at Comcast could answer the question.
1080i = HD, so yes, your TV is ready. HDTV is 720p *or* 1080i *or* 1080p. If your XBR is the same as mine, it does 720p and 1080i--*nobody* does 1080p. (Some video junkies will tell you 720p is actually superior to 1080i; I bet 1080p is fantastic). Although to get 720p/1080i on my XBR I have to futz around with the video menu--I can't get the "autosense" on video 6 to work well and have to turn on the HDTV aspect ratios manually.

They can output normal signals through component, so you only need component cables--forget the SVideo. Comcast in this area provides a coaxial RCA digital output, which will pass 5.1CH audio.
Go to www.avsforum.com.........go to HDTV Hardware...their is at least 5 hours worth of reading material on the Comcast Motorola Box. You think we audio dudes are obsessive, these guys are fanatics.
Make sure you have a good component cable as the comcast guys will probably show up with a 6 ft composite cable with a stereo pair attached. With the impedance imbalance the color was bad. I like the reasonably priced cinemaquest (audioquest). It will output both Toslink and SPDIF, I tried both couldn't tell the difference, so I went with toslink. Component video gets all of the stations, but the CBS (non-HDTV) always looks like crap. I may try a two cable setup, as I don't belive comcast will be seeing HD CBS too soon (Viacom being a competitor and all that). CBS looks fine on my other set out of the wall.

Darryl hifi is right about avsforum. Great info, but those folks are crazy.