I am considering the Grado Statement cartridge

I am considering buying a Grado Statement cartridge (top model). I am trying to get feedback as to how it performs. I currently have a Koetsu Rosewood which I will keep and use.

I have at VPI TNT 5 and with a 12.5 tonearm. I will get an additional tone arm wand for the Grado. When the Koetsu wears out I can get it rebuilt as a Rosewood signature.

I am trying to to extend the life of the Koetsu by using two cartridges but I want to have the same quality of sound. To upgrade beyond the Rosewood is very expensive and there are not too many places for me to audition them. I was thinking that the Grado is a safe choice in that it has a smooth sound vs the HF boost of other MC's. I have a Borbely Jfet low noise MC preamp feeding a DEQX digital speaker correction/room correction preamp using digita crossovers to feed my bi-amp speakers. Reading all I can on this forum it seems that most prefer low output MC's. I know the Grado is a moving Iron at about .5mv output vs the .4mv output of the Koetsu. I also know that there are a lot of Koetsu grey market knockoffs out there and buyer beware on the used market. Let me know what you think? If I could afford it I would get a Urushi. I might even try the top Dynavectors but they are way beyond my budget.
I would make sure that the Grado sound is what I am looking for before buying a Statement. I found over the years that moving up in the Grado line buys more refinement and better detail, but the basic sound stays the same. I never owned the Statement, but had a The Reference low output on my TNT with JMW 12 arm for many years and finally moved on to a Van den Hul and am much happier.

I would buy a Lyra Helikon or Scala for my TNT rig instead of the Statement for around the same money.
I haven't heard those cartridges but thanks for the tip. The best comparison that I can make is that over the years I have had a lot of Japanese made Cartridges like the Dynavector Ruby and the Talisman etc. and when I listened to a Grado the high end sounded smoother on my system. I have thought long and hard about just getting another Ruby but with ribbon tweeters I am afraid of a high frequency tip up. I am open to suggestions so thanks and I will read up on the ones you mentioned. The experts are always extrolling the virtues of the mega buck (car priced) cartridges. Which Van den Hul model did you have? dave

I have the Van den Hul MC Two which is the middle of the line for VdH. It is relatively high output for a MC (2.25mV), so it is an easy input for my Ayre K-1xe phono stage/preamp. Sounds great, but the Lyras are considerably better.

Call Mike at VPI and ask him about the relative sound of the Grados and the Lyras, both of which he recommends highly for the JMW 12 arm.

Merry Christmas!

Koetsus are noted for their liquid midrange. If you compare a Benz LP Ebony the mids are better, but the highs and lows are very much better. ...even the extremely expensive Koetsu models don't measure up.
There is a reason that Harry at VPI loves Grado Sonata cartridge, its his favorite. I had similar on my VPI, I had the Grado Signature TLZ...your right, the top end is the smoothest I have ever heard. My friend has a Well Tempered, and he wanted a Grado. I suggested it to him. He went all out and bought The Statement...He is in love with this cartridge. But its possible he could have bought a nice Low Output Sonata....Ray
Rayr2 and Stingreen-thanks for the comments, I will check the Acoustic Sounds web page regarding the Benz. I have the taste for a 3k cartridge but I am having a hard time with spending that much. Again this sounds like a good option to explore.

If you explore Audio Asylum, the Vinyl section, and look for any posts by Harry Wesfeld from vpI, you will find the post about the Grado Sonata being his favorite cartridge. This is right from his own words. I found it, but took a bit of hunting, he loves Grado's. The Better ones. I have a Signature TLZ which is a dynamite cartridge, and was tops throughout the 1990's. It was the last of the best by joe Grado, now John Grado runs things.
Rayr2-thanks, I will check out audio asylum-merry xmas-dave
Goldenote Baldinotti cartridge is a great great choice.