I am considering buying Aria audio amps.

I am considering buying Aria Audio amps.
I need your opinions and warnings if any.
Send an e-mail to Audiogon member "Hooper". He has them and loves them. He's also owned sveral SOTA amps in the past as well.
I auditionned them around 5 years ago. Though they were lovely in the mids/highs, they were very weak in the "slam" department.

I mostly listen to rock, and some jazz. They just did not "do it" for me, as they lacked in bass heft and punch.

At the time, my reference was Krell's FPB SS amps which have tremendous bass. It was like comparring the opposite ends of the bass spectrum.

It is quite possible that Mike has improved this since them. I assume they still offer the in-home trial.
Thanks Fsarc but can you provide Hooper's e-mail.
Hi Barrrelchief!
My amp for now is an FPB700cx ,don't you think the Arias can be tuned for the Krell's bass?
Just use the "Member Lookup" link under "Community" on the home page and enter "Hooper". When his profile comes up you will see a link for "send e-mail".

Maybe with "voicing" options done at the factory and some tube rolling, one could improve the bass. But, I doubt that it will come close to the pounding the Krell amps did in my system.

Also, it is quite possible that Mike has redesigned some areas of the Arias since my audition several years ago. Maybe the amps do offer more bass energy "slam" today.

If you give them a try, let us know.