I am considering a Velodyne DD-18...

...to complement my Joseph RM25 siII speakers. When I went looking for speakers with more bottom end the dealer who sold me the Josephs said that in my room, 16'X13'X9', I'd have trouble with resonations. He suggested that a sub that could be tuned to the room would give better results. After much reading, I'm gravitating toward the dd-18 but I have heard it said that a smaller room may prefer the dd-15. I assume that the dd-18 will better reproduce the very, very bottom end and that the equalizer eliminates the issue with the room size. Anyone have opinions on the above? Thanks for any replies.
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no one gonna mention the JL Labs, I mean, JL Audio f113?

it seems to have set a new standard in home subwoofers and is a bit cheaper i think.
Dgarretson , any more info on your IC? I'm using an inexpensive Monster M351 IC. Would I get any advantage to upgrade this?

BTW, the dd 15 is pretty darned great! Got mine Tuesday and it's still breaking in but have been more than happy with the investment. The Eagles on DTS was amazing with Timothy Schmidt's bass notes just providing a rock solid, tuneful foundation. Still working on breaking in and haven't done any torture tests on home theater yet but musically outstanding.

Don't be afraid to experiment with placement I actually got great results with the sub on the left wall firing out in front of the listening position, placement almost 90 degrees from the listening position.

The only thing I wish for is the ability for the SA to adjust phase or help you to determine as I've found that to be an enourmous benefit after getting a flat FR and integrating with your mains.
I had a velodyne DD12 and it was plenty big enough for my basement  ,man cave .
Dang, old post.  I've been running a DD18 since about 2006.  It's still going strong.  The equalizer can be a factor but I agree with the more recent wisdom that multiple subs are better than one.  Equalizers are for small problems.  You can fix a bad frequency response peak by cutting 15db but it never sounds right.  You need to have a pretty good in-room response and finish it off by making small eq adjustments.  
Good to hear.

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