I am a newcomer here and need help to sell speakers

Hi all. I just found this forum and want to sell Leaglee GT01 speaker and other wireless headphones here. But I found all the products sold here are expensive. And the leaglee products' prices (less than $100 USD) are much cheaper than here. I am wondering if here is the right place for selling cheaper products. Thanks a lot in advance. 
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I have to say, I can’t recall anyone successfully selling legal services on these forums. But that said, you sound like a solid contender for a hand picked cabinet seat, in support of our president. 
Thank you, everyone.  But may I ask a silly question, How to reply to each of your responses? 
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Hundred dollar speakers is hardly in the league of the equipment we buy-maybe not even for children. But at least be civil please!
 Michael Lent