I advise you all stick with smaller dogs

For more than 30 years, I have had dogs in my life. At times, as many as 7 at once when the homeless were to get the needle before their time. (Can't have that)
We always stuck with the smaller breeds, all sheltie or border collie...along with one little doxie.

5 months ago, I had to have a rottweiler after a friends bitch gave birth. She is a great dog actually and has never spent a night crated (did not need it). She is quite smart and listens quite well for a 6.5 month old pup.
Being large, when she plays, now nearing the 90 pound mark, she tends to "throw" toys in the air.

(You know where this is going, don't you?)

I saw it happening but it was too late. She got a hold of the brand new knotted rope toy and swung it into the air...

...right into the midbass driver of my MET7!

Oh the humanity!

Stick with smaller breeds guys, this could happen to you!
My German Shorthaired Pointer does the exact same thing (with the exact same knotted rope toy. Fortunately not in my audio room yet. But maybe it's time to get rid of that toy since I'm NOT going to get rid of the dog at this point . . . she's too loveable.
Kudus for rescuing dogs! We've had 4 fairly large dogs (65-85 pounds) - and 3 at one time for a while. None of them ever damaged any audio components. My kids, on the other hand . . .
I have a Sheltie named Wolfie, after Mozart. He is an extremely well behaved dog, and loves music. It seems that he is quite partial to Schubert. In fact, he has a habit of "singing along" Schuberts's string quartets. He also seems to like Shostakovitch, but is indifferent to Bach. No kidding. He has definite preferences for certain composers.
He confines his play to outside for the most part. Best pet I ever had! I have no reservations about having him join me for a listening session. I do keep the living room closed off (to everyone) when I'm not listening.
I have a little Yorkie named Zoey. About 4 pounds. She really likes Steely Dan.

Never have had to worry about her doing any damage to my system.
My bestest friend in the world, Jackson, a yellow lab/sheppard wandered into my garage as a newborn pup, he adopted me! After walking the neighborhood, put up flyers, nobody claimed him. Since I had no interest in owning a dog at the time, I put him up for adoption on a local website. Within a few weeks, I started to get inquiries, but it was too late, I told everyone that he'd already found a home!;) Jackson loves retrieving inside and outside but he knows not to run close to the system! If his ball ever even rolls close to it he'll look at me apprehensively and wait for me to tell him it's ok to get it! Such a good dog!!
Sorry to hear what happened and I love animals, but KIDS and DOGS stay OUT of my Stereo room.
My mom grew up on a farm so as a kid, we had pets. At on time we had 3 dogs, 3 cats and their litters, frogs in the bathtub, canaries, turtles and a lizard. And all of this in a track home in the Valley (San Fernando).

When it was my turn to have a pet, in my own place, I had a Labrador who, at the time, was mixed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. At the time I didn't know it was a mix since they resemble one another, save for the size. RRs are bred to hunt lions, so that should give you an idea of just how strongly built they are. At six months he bumped my TT setup and knocked it over. His canines were huge. I was told he would get to well over 100 lbs. (from his Labrador side).

He was easily trained and incredibly loyal and well behaved. It was too good a thing as one one day when I went to the side gate to get him for a walk, he was gone. It seems someone had stole him. If you are ever in need for an obedient, well behaved and loyal dog, consider a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

All the best,
Nonoise, I might be selling off a few audio items to purchase weaponry needed to hunt down the thief.
Too bad it wasn't your MET7 instead, Nonoise. Sorry to hear that story. I have a long-hair chihuahua, 3 years old. He should live for about 20. I'm 55. Sure hope we're geriatric together.
I have to comment on mofimadness comment on the Yorkie liking Steely Dan. I have a Scottish Fold (Chloe) that comes into the room and will sit and listen when she hears Elton John
Thanks but this was some time ago. If I ever get out of my apartment and back into a house, I think I'll get me a RR.

It's best to age is with someone or something like a pet you love. I hope the two of you age like a great wine in a bottle: one can't do it without the other.

All the best,
Brownsfan, Mans best friends are noted for their fine taste and discernment in matters musical.
Many studies have shown a marked canine preference for Mozart and Schuber above all others !
Forgot to mention, Chopper runs over and starts jumping on my arm when I go to choose a cd, I think in an effort to deter me. I like my music loud. But not always. When he hears Donovan's To Susan On The West Coast Waiting, he begins to howl. Every time. It's hilarious. I think it's the harmonica.