hypex users how do you like them?

just curious.  i have one coming.  wondered what the others have thought and what you went from if you stayed with the hypex and what hypex you have .
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Listening to a pair of 600w/4ohm NC500 equipped monoblocks, same as what the the Belcanto Ref600 monoblocks use with "smd supplies", which I didn’t mind a while back so long as they drove the easy load that had a very benign 6ohm load in the upper mids/highs of a two way using a Raal ribbon tweeter.

But these monos I have are used with my own big "linear supplies" in them with large capacitance and large toroidal transformers. Which made the whole sound a better on the same speaker, just as powerfull/dynamic but less contrived, more analogue not as Class-D sounding, but richer/bigger/easier.

Cheers George
The NC500 OEM amplifier module is an extremely high-quality audio power amplifier module which operates in class D. Not only does it offer a way for ...Power (2Ω): 550WPower (8Ω): 400WPower (4Ω): 700WSMPS Voltage +/-: 84V

Above was a cut and paste

I had a pair of NC500 built (so I thought) in Perth AU. That was 3.5 years ago. They worked (each one for 2 days). They started blowing fuses. I got a hold of the guy, and away we went.. He had boxed both amps back to back in the same box BUT separated with cardboard. He built them with Large special design transformers, (a 25 volt tap was needed). SO find the transformer with the tap or add an extra transformer... AGAIN more weight..

Come to find out, (because he used the stock buffer boards) had added a second board with a dual single Op Amps option.. The FOOL didn’t remover the original op Amp.

NO. NO he wired AROUND it (but left the original in place wires in all) and ran BOTH at the same time.. I figured it out in about 20 min one night AFTER I cooled down..

They were heavy and didn’t work.. The guy was a total flake. I never could fix his nightmare correctly.. No way to take the guy to court, it's on the bottom not the top of the earth.. He was actually tossed from EBay for a while (50% rating at one time). I still leave him hate mail. Yup as often as I can remember to...

I jerked what was good, out of his overblown cases, ordered cases and SMPS1200/700 power supplies, and a cable kits, from China (sorry to say). The guy in China, made all the cables. At the time I had to go DIRECT to Hypex for the PS 1200/700. They wouldn’t sell the Hypex cable kits because the 500s were OEM (AHOLES again)..

OK the journey is almost finished, THEN

I bought a used pair of One Ups, with Rev C boards. I was hooked.

I ordered a 3 X NC500 with 3 SMPS1200/700 PS from Nord... I opted for the NEW (at the time) revision D op amp boards...With Sparco 2590s and Andrews (Sparko owner) Sparks was in the middle of it ALL the way too. I got the first 3 (so he said) of the new machines/ rev D One Ups.

That was 3 of 9 I currently own.. The two I got from Perth, were fitted with the Revision C pulls from one pair I bought used.. Nord sold me new Rev D, (cut me a deal) for the used ones..

Nord is a great company, AND has some reasonable prices...

The guy in the states with VTV use a different buffer, Not as good.
The simple fact is VTV buffer boards, CAN’T use the PRO series Class A op amps. Besides VTV buffers still used sparco regulators and sparco NON pro series, op amps..

BUY NORD, you’ll be happy, Buy VTV you’ll be almost as happy, (great return policy on either).. One is in the UK.. Bummer...

They are wonderful to work with.. I use most of mine with small planars.
The Nords, are truly One UP.... in my book..

Long line of Mcintosh, Pass, Martin L, now Cary.. They work well with everything I pair them with.. Maybe an OpAmp roll if I want to tinker.. 20 min. Your done.

SI, Burson, Weiss, and Sparco, are just a few of the op amps you can try... You’ll stick with SI or Sparco, though...

BLACK background, super bass, no ear boiling highs, super light, super COOL in the summer months...

What else you want? Free is good:-)

I have a Hypex NCore NC252MP amp from VTV and have been very pleased with it -- good, clean sounding, dynamic power at a very attractive price. It sounds great and I've had zero problems.

A lot of these Hypex like the Marantz 30 , these have much more then a stock hypex they have discreet opamps seperate power supplies for active preamp
custom analog sections as well as their own proprietary  items , the Marantz is a perfect example , like their KI ruby , the30 is almost exact trickle down technologies ,