Hypex or Exogal

Has anyone here owned Hypex Nc1200s and Exogal Comet with the Ion? I really liked the Nc1200s they did alot right to my ears. My main question is, will the exogal combo be more or less transparent than the nc1200 paired with a vega or Anedio Dac?

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Thank you for your time
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Some good questions, the kind I would ask, but too many variables to answer definitively�. I would isolate the questions and you may get answers;

1. Comet alone vs Vega or Anedio (Ask in Digital forum)
2. Comet with Hypex vs Comet/Ion  (Ask in amp forum) 

The only combo to spank the Comet/Ion is this; new 600wpc class D amp with Comet. Most combos with Comet I have tried are less transparent than Comet/Ion. 

Feel free to read my reviews of Comet and Ion at Dagogo.com