Hypex HS200 amp vs Marchand for use as sub amp...

About to get some Thor speakers but will need a sub. My Jadis intergrated has an OUT, so could i use a Marchand XM9 receiving the OUT and the XM9 powering the sub?. I'm building my own sub with a Excel W26, plan to use the sub from 20-100hz. Or do you recommend the Hypex HS200 sub amp. Never used a sub, not sure about the hookup. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
From my reading of the Marchand web page, the XM9 is stricly an electronic crossover, with no amp in it. It is one of the better electronic crossovers available. Their very best one is the one with the tubes, but it's alot of money. Marchand also makes amplifiers to go with their crossovers, but I don't know how they sound. You could use any amp you feel would suit your needs with the Marchand. I would highly recommend using a Marchand crossover. The XM9 is good and reasonably priced, as electronic crossovers go. If you can solder, they have an XM9 kit that's cheaper.

The Hypex, I know nothing about. Sorry.
Yes the Marchand looks to be a great xover. I think the assembled Xm9 is like $499, but maybe alot more than i really need, its a 2 way, i'm just looking for the sub amp feature. Just got a note from the Madisound post , guy says his Hypex does color the sound of his satilite speakers, but works well as just a sub amp. So he uses the bypass feature. But if i knew the XM9 did deliver the cleaner sub sound, i'd prefer spending the extra now and not having to upgrade later to the XM9.
I am using Marchand XM-9 and am quite pleased with it so far. It is just a x-over though, you will need another amp for the sub. Check ebay, the Marchands turn up used there FTTT.
You know, in the car arena side of audio, subwoofer amplifiers with built in crossovers are a dime a dozen. Why can't they get that design over to the home audio side, too?
I just had a thought. Anybody ever try driving a home subwoofer with a car subwoofer amp?

You can run a car amp at home, but you need a massive DC power supply. Cheaper and easier to just buy a home amp.
One member mentioned to me that when you run your satalites through a sub amps connects, they pick up on a tad of coloration, seems very plausible, any honest comments?