Hyperion hps-968 vs Verity Audio Parsifal Encore

I am considering these 2 speakers if you have a opinion let me know.
I can drive either with solid state power (roland model 6) or audiovalve challenger 180 monoblocks and listen to classical rock,jazz,choir with organ,and classical as well.
I absolutely love my Parsifal Encores. I have recently looked at upgrading, auditioning speakers in the 15,000-25,000 range and came away with the feeling that I like my parsifal encores more than what I heard. I have upgraded them to the aluminum damping plate and jumpers as found on the Ovation, nice subtle change. And added Stillpoint Ultra SS footer, huge giant improvement. With the upgrades, though not cheap, I prefer the encores, which are the latest version prior to change to the ovation, to the Ovation. I will likely keep my current speakers unless the new Parsifal anniversary is more amazing. I however will be hard pressed to move to the anniversay as I don't see how I can integrate the still points, but I will seek out a pair to hear. Also, Verity has been really great to work with and have been very supportive.
Hyperion is out of business. The speaker sounds very nice but if you ever have a problem you are out of luck
I've not thought of upgrading my speakers since the purchase of my Parsifal Encore (3rd Edition) from Goodwin's in Boston a couple years ago. I have to say that even when listening to the newer offerings, like the Ovation or the Leonore, I wouldn't change speakers. The addition of the new Anniversary series gives a hint that the Parsifal is the sweet spot in the Verity line.
Verity is easy to communicate with, by phone and email, and my local dealer is the best in North America easy. I travel to listen to great gear as part of the hobby. This is in MHO, YMMV.
Parsifals are very nice, a bit to "polite" for me. I'm lusting after some Acoustic Zen Cresendos after hearing them if now I can only afford them!
Rsf507 Listing ID: LIS5733G is for sale now in case you did not see them.