Hyperion 938 speakers, what amp?

Hi there, rightnow i'm running these speakers with a Dussun V8i amp.
What amp would anyone advice me for an audition on these speakers.
I have read many have good results with tube amps on these speakers like Octave, Primaluna, Consenance Cyber,...
Also, i'm from Belgium and i can't understand some shortcut words in English, that's why i wanna ask, what is the difference between a DHSET amp and a pusch pull amp?
Directly Heated Singled Ended Triode vs a Push Pull in Ultralinear or single ended?
The first one is the simplest and supposedly purest type of amp with a topology that relies on amplification from a single tube. While you could construct such an amp from any familiar triode tube , the usual suspects are the so called antique types such as the 300B the 2A3 the 45 the 211 and the 845. Add to that 211 and GM 70s and thats about covers all except the custom boutique models.
The point is that only one tube amplifies a signal instead of two or more if restricted to SET. The result is almost always a very low wattage amp except if you call 10 watts per amp a lot .Most yield 2-8 wpc. The GM 70 can yield 50 but that is exceptional. Most devotees use very sensitive horn loaded speakers and single drivers for an added degree of purity.
The more crudely hedonistic and powerfull push pull amps operating in ultralinear fashion require a min. of two tubes to play off eachother. This topology takes full advantage of each half of the sine wave signal. This type amp typically takes the combined efforts of all of the output tubes in each channel thru an output stage often with a transformer. Thus it has a multiple paths to its endpoints going into the final output .
These amps are the staple or bread and butter tube amps that can use an a quad of EL 34s and produce give or take 40 watts. They typically use 4 or 8 or even more tubes per channel to generate very high power. Those who have certain speakers with difficult loads for a tube amp would usually require such a set up.
The question begs the limit of my extremly limited fund of knowledge and realistically would require a fairly lengthy explauination, discussion and illustration of the properties of amps, tubes and circuits.Way more than one (I) could fit into a quick concise answer.
Thanks for the info...
I came across this page with very intresting products...
I has a 70 Watt Mono block set amp and a very affordable Push pull using KT88.
With the litte info i found it made me belief these amps are one of the finest in "High End" available and at affordable prices.
Some review quotes...
Not sure, but maybe they are head and shoulders above PrimaLuna amps??