Hyperion 938 question

Hi Everyone,

In sort of a dllemma. Auditoned the 938s a few days back. I loved them. Will they work with a 55 watt SS Int. amp on the thick and warm side? Or do they need some muscle to shine? Need your advice as upgraditis is really setting in and I need a fix in 2 weeks.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for all your input. Yes my amp is a YBA. My other main concern is the size of the room in which the Hyperions will reside. Room is only 15 x 11 x 9. Side and rear 1st reflection points treated. Lots of overstuffed furniture. Could I be faced with bloat, honk and other scary stuff? Taste in music: Jazz intrumental and vocals, new age and occasionally light classical and pop/rock.

Thanks so much.
You're room size is slightly bigger than mine and the YBA should have no problem driving the 938s to ear bleeding levels. I love the YBAs, one of the finest SS amps IMO, but too expensive for me. Actually, your room may be slightly overdamped, but it may be easier to start off with an overdamped room and start subtracting until you get the desired sound. Just remember to give the 939s at least 2 feet from the side walls and 3 feet from the rear. You should not have honk as I have never experienced this with the 938s. As for bloat, it's very much function of your room. There's lots of affordable ways to really fine tune the 938s. Some of the tweaks can be surprising and makes you wonder why didn't Hyperion didn't think of it. But first get the general setup correctly. I should start a Hyperion owners group on audiocircle.com.
Dracule, let's do that - we can all then enjoy cheap tweaks to get the best out of our 938s!

Roy, it's good to hear from you. I'll check out AC and see what's needed to start an owners group.
I heard the 938s at this years NYC show and loved them, they were using their own(Hyperion) mono ss amps