Hyperion 938,Emerald,Aurum Cantus,JM reynaud,Gallo

Did anyone compared or heard one of these speakers?
What would you prefer?
So far i love Dynaudio and Spendor becausse of their natural and somewhat relaxed sound.
I yet have to listen to the speakers mentioned above but i love to hear your comments.
Hi Rcduck, I have had the 938s since 2004 and compared them to the Gallos (Ref 3 assume). I have not heard the others you mention. I much prefer the 938s over the Gallo. The Hyperions are smooth yet detailed, image and staging near the top, midrange just natural, very well extended low bass if set up right, excellent with all genre of music, and nonfatiguing over the long term. I felt the Gallos were little etched and harsh in the treble, imaging/staging not as good, and not as easy to listen to long term. On paper, the Gallos are suppose to go lower than the 938s, but I couldn't tell on audition. The Gallos are less expensive I think and comes with built in bass amplifier.
the Reynaud is a very fine speaker, very good midrange, similar in sound to Spendor though a bit better IMO - depending on model of course. I have heard the Trentes and Offrandes...
What Dracule1 mentiones about the Hyperions seem to be very close to what i read about them from reviewers and customers.
And i think i'm going to like them very much.
This speaker also shows the difference between cables very good i read more then a few times, i think this shows how good a quality speaker it is.
Only one person i met on a forum who auditioned them found them raw and upfront???
This was a quote from a European... Do the taste in sound of Europeans is that different to US speaker designs?

I have read many good things about JM Reynaud to, they should especially do well with unplugged type of music was a quote.
but now that i had a good look on their diffrent models i can't see how they could look beautiful in my livingroom, especially to match center and surround speakers.
They seem to have very differnt designs.

It also read that Emerald Physics is a very good speaker if you want your recordings like your sitting in the front row of a live concert.
It gives you that kind of sound it seems.
System matching seems to be more critical with that speakers.
But i would also like my speaker to be able to work as a 5.1 setup for a movie now and then... As the emerald is far from a conventional speaker design, will it work that way?
They don't have center or surround speakers.

From Aurum Cantus i read many different things (mostly from users on forums), maybe a difficult speaker to find a good system match for?

Friday i will go listen to the Hyperion 938 and i hope i will love them very much.
I'm not sure i will be able to go out and listen to the Emerald's and Aurums becausse i would have to travel to many miles to find a nearest dealer.

PS: I'm from Belgium, i hope my English writing is ok.
I will second the Philojet's recommendation for the JM Reynaud speakers. I have a pair of Offrandes, and I find them to be exceptional; especially in regards to the wide and deep soundstage. It's almost like a third-row concert experience.

To me the Spendors and the Reynauds are in a completely different place in the speaker spectrum - the Spendors I have listened to are very good, but more forward and emphasise the mid-range compared to the Reynauds. I am not a Gallo guy, so I can't comment specifically except to say again that the Gallos and the Reynauds are so different that I would guess that if one works for you you won't like the other.

I use the Offrandes mainly for classical, opera and jazz in a somewhat small room with all tube components. They are even better in a larger but not huge) room. I have also spent a bit of time listening to the current Duets. They share many of the same qualities that I love about the Offrandes; just not as much of it IMHO.
Rcduck, Hyperion is having a summer sale 35% off all new products. I believe it includes the 938 and 968, so the top of line 968 might be within your reach. Couple of customers on the Audiocircle Hyperion owners circle site who has had trouble getting replacement parts for the 938, but they are European customers I believe. See http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=63562.0
This issue of replacement parts should be addressed with your dealer, if you have concerns.

Tube amps sound really good with the 938. Some have raved about the Opera Audio Cyber series mono block amps with the Hyperions.
Today i decided to call a dealer who has JM Reynaud speakers before i go listen to the Hyperions.
The dealer brought his speakers to my home as he was going to be in my neighberhood that day for personal reasons.
These speakers were allready ahead of my wharfedales, they were clear and with space between (acoustic) instruments.
I did still like the mid/low of my wharfy's though as i found the JMR's mid/high was a bit more present... and the Wharfy's were still as musical as the JMR's.
The wharfy's need room to breathe while the JMR's can be close to a rear wall but with more room from the sidewall (sidewalls are most of the time a no go).
As said, the mid/highs on the JMR's were a bit more present which i found uncomfortable at first but this could be becausse im used to the wharfedale sound?
The dealer insured me that with an experiment of cables, speaker placement and a solution of acoustic problems in my room i could counter these issues.
But overall the JMR was a good balanced speaker.
I hope i can imagine tommorow the JMR sound when i go listen to Hyperion in a room that might be different then mine.

Dracule1, thanks for the info about the 35% reduction and service issues.
I might adress this to the dealer but is this for US only residents?
Any link for proof on these reductions?
Price reduction can be seen on their website:


As far as I know, buyers in the US have not had any problem with getting replacement parts as long as they buy from an authorized Hyperion dealer or directly through Hyperion. The audiocircle hyperion owners site has lots of advice on how to tweek and set up the speakers if you go through it.

I have heard Wharfedale speakers in the past. I think you will hear a big difference between your Wharfedale speakers and the Hyperion.
I heard the Hyperion 938's and they were magical!!

I bought them today, finaly my long search for speakers is over! phew.

Taste in sound is personal but if i love them to bits!!
Oh, and beacausse they were demo models i got them at exactly half the price!
Oh, and for surround speakers,the seller recommended me i could go for the small (tube like) klipsch surround speakers for my setup as they easely match their sound.
He told me the small speakers of Hyperion were a bit different in the highs and match not very well.
I could save money on opting for the klipsch on surrounds he told me.
Allthough if i have the room a 906 from Hyperion would be fine to for surrounds.
Anyone that use Hyperions for home cinema?
Sooner or later i will test the surrounds and center speakers of hyperion to the klipsch.
I had the same reaction when I first heard them too :-) Do me a favor and post your impression on the Audiocircle Hyperion owner site.
Ok Dracule1, i will post there my findings but it will take some time.
I still don't have them at my home, i couldn't get them in my car as it was allready loaded with my stuff.
I have 968 and am very pleased :-) Actually I just got back from an hour listening session of b&w 803d and my suspicions were solidly confirmed, it is very overrated and overpriced speaker. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who a year ago was thrilled by its huge sound and strong bass. Long story short, painful tweeter, midrange is congested, had trouble picking up the details I heard through Hyperions and even vocals sounded unnatural and heavy. Clarity is something I would not associate with 803d...sorry, didn't want to digress from the original thread
Rcduck when u get your Hyperion try the sorbathane feet I recommended under the midrange/tweeter module. It will clean the sound significantly.
branislav I am thinking about getting the 968. Have tried inverting phase of midrange? It is wired out of phase at factory. Suppose to improve the sound
No Dracule1, haven't tried it...i've read the article online somewhere that talks about it. Will try and post comments.
Ok, after spending about an hour listening to just midrange driver, I ended up connecting the cables out of phase...The difference is virtually insignificant, and I'm not even sure there is one. I thought there is a bit more clarity when they are out of phase. I could be wrong though...
@ dracule1, i posted on audiocircle.
I also have a queation about sorbathane feed there to.
Hi Rcduck, here is answer to your question. Read third paragraph of the first post.

Brainislav, Peter Moncrieff of IAR seems to think reversing the phase makes a significant difference. Did you follow his recommendation? Here is the link:

Yes, I did read that one...and I did end up with the reversed polarity for the midrange posts. But like I said, I couldnt tell any major difference, it was very subtle almost to the point where I wasnt sure if I'm hearing it or wanted to hear the difference...probably a stupid worry, but I hope I don't mess up my speakers but listening to them this way? :-( Maybe some fellow 968 owners will contribute to this thread, though there don't seem to be too many of them for some reason. At any rate, exceptional speaker that's making me upgrade the rest of the system.
You can't damage a speaker by listening to them out of phase. Actually the Hyperion designers purposefully designed the 968 crossover so that the midrange is out of phase. By reversing your speaker leads, you actually are listening to them IN PHASE. Some people are very sensitive to phase. Looks like you are one of the lucky ones who are not.