Hydra-what cords do you use to your components?

I'm curious what kind of power cords Hydra owners use from their Hydra's to their components? (not the hydra to the wall)

Does everyone tend to stick with Shunyata or go with other brands? And if so...what works for you?

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EPS-3 from the wall to the Hydra, and EPS-2 to the Linn CD-12 and Marantz SA-1; EPS-3 to the phono stage. EPS (Elrod Power System) from David Elrod.
NBS Statements all around. If you look you can always get a great deal on used ones.
I have two favorites:

David Elrod EPS-2 for digital & EPS-3 power cords for amps with the Hydra.

Shunyata Taipan for amplification and Python for digital with the Hydra.

I am a dealer for Shunyata and both companies make exceptional power products. The Elrod cords are $1500 each through David and the Shunyata cords are $650 for the Taipan and $995 for the Python through your local Shunyata dealer.
Sidewinders for amp, pre-amp, cd/dvd, and turntable. Just purchased a used Mamba for the DAC. Totally musical.
python on the hydra and i use all pythons too all my audio gear what ever has a power cord it was replaced with a python.Simply Amazing.
Absolute Power Cords ($49.95 each). Here’s the scoop. My system consists of a Cary 306/200 CD, VAC Preamp, Spectron Musician II amp, Silverline Lafolia speakers, Stealth PGS interconnects, Kimber Monacle XL speaker cable. I have a dedicated 20 amp line with a FIM wall outlet that the Hydra plugs in to. Before the APCs, I used a Black Mamba on the CD, BMI Whale on the pre, and a Audio Magic Sorcerer on the amp. I fell for the hype on the APCs and figured what do I have to lose, could I possible do better at a ridiculously cheap price? To make a long story short, I kept the APCs and sold the others. The final test was to put the Black Mamba back on the Cary and see what happens. I was amazed at how the sound changed. The BM added more bass but it sounded like a bass boost effect that to me, sounded unnatural. The highs also seemed to roll off. When I put the APC back on the Cary, the bass wasn’t as deep, but was tighter. The APCs also had more neutral mids, and highs that were more extended. This may sound crazy to some, and I know I can do better than the APCs, but the above mentioned cords didn’t do it in this system. To prove I believe in the value of good cables, I went the opposite cost direction on the interconnects. I sold my Cardas Golden Reference cables and replaced them with Stealth PGS which retail for more. The Stealths were far superior in everything!
I would be intrested to know what you had the Taipan plugged into it. I found it to be alittle to bright on the Plinius SA-102's.
Pythons and Vipers. I used all Shunyata, including Python for the Hydra. Rich, musical and warm were the sonic benefits. I did substitute a NBS Statement in for the Python but preferred the Python.
All systems are different and for that matter the system
owners as well. So, I think its best to try these cables
and decide for yourself how your ear feels about it. While
I haven't heard a couple of these products, most are well respected manufacturers, and have product worth a listen. Remember that one persons experience is relative to his own system and his own slant.

Musicality is the real goal and often compromises
need be employed to reach the goal of actually being
able to listen a wider range of your recordings. For
me, I try to strike a balance between sweetness and
clarity. I find that I need to have good weight
in the bottom end to offset the system from being too
forward in the Hi's.

Audio Prism, Acoustic Zen, BMI, Custom Power Cord, Electro
Glide, Harmonic Technology, Shunyata Research, and Stealth are all products I have had good results with, it just depends on how your system is set up as to which will make you happiest. And often times its a combination of different ones that can strike the best balance. And, each
product has it's own strenghts that can be equally enjoyed.
And, no product is perfect for everyone's system. The best
reason to appreciate variety in life and not fall prey to
one companies or one person's personal preferences.

Tigger0063: I have them on the Tenor's and have had them on the Audio Aero amp. It was bright at first, until they broke in then they smoothed out like butta!
JPS Power>Moth s45 SET amp.

BMI Whale Elite>AA DDS.PRO transport.

BMI Whale Elite>M.P.S. out-board power supply (feeds DDEv3.0/DTIPRO.32).

Stock Sidewinder>Hydra.

I did beta-test the new NEMA Python on the Hydra; excellant improvement - recommended.

What's the NEMA Python, Mwalsdor?
I have one...it's the twist lock connector the Hydra uses for the AC input (the NEMA part) The Python part is just a Python powercord...
Try the Audioprism S2, it is amazing better than King Cobra 2 in quietness, image, bass but not as sweet. The S2 is cheaper but KC 2 will be discontinued and replaced by a more expensive and better one.
I have tried a few of the Audio prism power cords and thought they were good. Though I did not feel they were on the same level as the KC v2. I have also heard that the KC V2 will be replaced with a new cord. Not sure of the name, but it might be called the Anaconda, and should retail for $1995.00. Which would be less then the KC v2.
I have also been told that Shunyata will be coming out with their long awaited interconnects and speakers wire. I am told the interconnects will retail for under $700.00.I am not sure about the speaker wire. I guess they are VERY GOOD!

In my system I use a Khan to the amp,a KC with the digital and DR to the preamp. I have found, for me that this works best.

Thank you
Tigger0063: I had them plugged into the Tenor amps and they were bright at first, but once broken in, smoothed out quite a bit. I like them a lot (especially at the price point).
Hi: I have received a few days ago Elrod Power System ESP 3 cord for my Hydra. For what its worth I was literally shocked how sound improved in my system. All David Elrod power cords, on my opnion, radically different from all other power cords I had or auditioned (King Cobra, fat Man, FIM Gold etc). Its sonic signature, for my ears, is of stripping layers and layers of veil between me and musicians creating "spooky" feeling of realism. I don't think words "immense transparency" come even close to my listening experience. In Hydra, ESP 3 created also sense of efforless bass, unrestricted dynamic range and more natural (timbrally accurate) sound. I absolutely did not expect from this small power conditioner along with EPS 3 such giant improvment and i am immensely happy with my choice!