Hydra vs. Richard Grey for a Krell KSA-250 Amp

I know there is a large price difference in these 2 products but I would like to know if the Richard Grey would compare at all to the Hydra when using it with my Krell amp.

The Richard Grey website hints that it works well with power hungry equipment like the Krell's but I think they recomend plugging it into an outlet adjacent to the Ricard Grey plugged in another outlet.So what does that do???

I presently own a PS 300 and 600 but only have a power port on the Krell Amp which is plugged into a 30A dedicated circuit.

So, I can buy a Richard Grey right now but would have to wait a bit to purchase the more expensive Hydra for my Krell Amp.

Is the wait worth it ?
I read in either Stereophile or TAS that one of the Richard Grey units actually made the sound worse. I have no idea myself but remember the review.
Neither. Get a BIG 220V in /110V out isolation transformer.