Hydra 8 vs Sound Application 'Linestage Reference"

Anyone with experience comparing these top AC conditioners?
Put another way. Jim Weils unit is far more expensive; have some compared & found it worth it? Thanks.
I had both. They were not even close. The Hydra "changed" the sound of my system but did not improve it. In my system, the sound application RLS-1 was nothing short of amazing. I have had a few other conditioners that all alter the sound in one way or another. Some of these changes are pleasant. However, I always found that something else would change for the worse (i.e. lack of soundstage depth, unfocused images, oversized images, etc). The sound application changes things the least. For me it improved soundstage depth and preserved focus of images all with glorious timbre. One caveat. I recently changed my entire front end and found the the Adept Response AR6-T was better with my new front end than the sound app. Thus, all of these things are system dependent. If there was one message I would leave you with it is that the sound app puts the least of it's own signature on your system versus the others.
Bflowers, thank you very much for the thoughtful reply.
I am not in a position to audition one however based on the excellent equipment you have I consider your comments as very worthwhile and will now look for the right opportunity to buy one. It is valuable to me that they can pass so much current. By the way, I too use the Lexicon RT-20 and have been amazed at its very "refined" as well as dynamic sound with admittedly exceptional power conditioning. Have you found that to be the case as well? I also have a phase reverse switch on my Spectral preamp which is invaluable for getting the detail, nuance and natural musical sound the Lexicon is capable of. How does the RT-20 compare to your Bouder dac if you run the Boulder w/o power conditioning versus the RT-20 through the RLS. Thanks & happy listening.Pete.
Just returned from the holiday, sorry for the delay. I have no way of judging the Lexicon in the way you describe as I use it now only for DVD. Initially I used it as my CD player when I was using the Theta as a pre pro. The sound was very good, but now things are quite a bit better. I am thinking about running the Lexicon through the Boulder preamp to use it as a player for SACD and DVD-A, and getting a competent BluRay/DVD player for the theater side. If you are looking for an RLS, I still have mine for now. I am getting new speakers delivered in 2 weeks, and the dealer has agreed to take it as part of the trade in. You can email me if you are interested.
I am in no way questioning Bflowers results with the Adept Response. However, when I tried one in my system it was a very negative experience. The only reason for this post is to point out how system dependent these things are. You MUST try these units in your own system to find out how they work.
Rja is absolutely right. I have had 4 different highly regarded line conditioners in my system at various times. I think you can get a sense of what their "sound" is like. However, which will suit an individuals taste can be highly variable. As I pointed out, I LOVED the sound application on my other preamp, but the Adept response was better with the new preamp. Go figure.
Bflowers`; based partially on your comments I finally picked up a
SOUND APPLICATION unit. I have reference Spectral & MIT gear
(p/c's & i/c's) and the Sound Application was transformative - on
its own- for my digital playback. Dramatic improvement all around.
The soundstage & musicality beautifully enhanced with the added
clarity,tansparency,dynamics and subtle detail.