Hydra 8 versus Trition

I have a Hydra 8 and thinking about upgrading to the new Trition is it worth the investment.
I went from a Hydra vray2 to a triton. it's a BIG upgrade. nearly in everything. You'll know it's better in the first few seconds...then it get's better as it breaks in over the next month or so.

Seriously worth it
It's crasy I live in Wa state about 20 min. from there factory and the only dealer is 4 hrs away. Maybe a road trip is needed.
yep and bring your checkbook. it's not subtle...lower noise, better dynamics and MUCH better clarity. It's a injection of resolution...but even more natural presentation. nothing goes backwards....only steps forward...
Hi Mike, over the last few years, I have experienced the Shunyata V-Ray2, Triton, and a couple of other conditioners from other companies... I found Triton to be an amazing device I much prefered it over any other conditioner I tried, including the admittedly excellent Shunyata V-Ray 2. The audible enhancement of resolution, staging/imaging, and harmonic coherence was that of
a primary component rather than what I expected from a mere conditioner. At the time, it removed the last traces of spurious treble cross-modulation on
complex passages of high strings. Interestingly, it was the only conditioner that I have tried which did not cause my old 500W Rowland M312 to exhibit
signs of macro/micro dynamic depression On the contrary!

I have never used the original Hydra 8... But I conjecture that if I comfortably prefer Triton over V-Ray 2, I would probably prefer V-Ray 2 over the original V-Ray, and this last one over its Hydra 8 predecessor... Shunyata has consistently shown audible enhancements from each product generation to the next over its various product lines.

HI Guido,
Over the week-end I had a chance to put a Transparent and Blue circle in my system just to see how the Hydra 8 would fare.The BC came closest,but the Transparent no way.I have always been happy with the Hydra 8 but if the Triton can do what the Hydra 8 did only better it sounds like a no brainer.
Hi Mike, I am not surprised... Just in case you wanted more opinions, Triton is getting raving informal findings by users of extreme systems... See a variety of Triton-related threads at:


I do concur with the positive majority view found on Whatsbestforum on Triton.

Hi Guido,
Thanks... I'll check it out.