Hydra 8/Hydra 6 vs PS Ultimate outlet?

Currently using PS Audio hc Ultimate outlet on preamp/cdp with VD nite replacing stock input AC. Any experience/comparison to the Hydra 8 or Hydra 6 and any rec's on input power cords incl non-Shunyata? I only anticipate using on preamp/cdp. Thanks.
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I just replaced a Power Director with a BPT 3.5 Ultra and am very impressed. I have not used the Hydra. So, I cannot help you there. However, if you go to Audiocircle.com, you will find a comment from a guy who had the Hydra 8 for a month and sent it back after he heard the BPT for 2 days.
That's really good to know. The Clear Image T4 is much better built than the BPT's. If you can find a used one don't hesitate.
I had the PS Audio P300 for a few years. Just sold it and bought the latest Hydra. It sounded much better than the P300. But the P300 couldn't accomodate my Mark Levinson power amp. I can plug in everything from source to power amp into the Hydra. My system do sound better IMHO. Perhaps someone out there who have the PS600 and the Hydra could give you better assessment.
I have a Hydra 6 & 8 but no experience of PS Audio.
However I can say that running only parts of the system through the Hydra defeats the purpose - I have tried and it
does not allow the Hydra to work if you have amps whatever plugged into the wall - they will be putting as much'grunge' in as the hydra is taking out.
I power everything including the 275 watt/channel amp thru the Hydra. IMO the 8 is a little brighter than the original but prefernce would be system dependant.
Synergistic Master coupler active-x works well powering Hydra 8.
I just replaced my P500 with the new Hydra 6 and am amazed at the sonic improvement. I was not convinced while waiting for the Hydra as I liked the theory of what the power plants do but in the listening there is no comparison. The Hydra is way better sounding. I used to listen to music and think of how to make it sound better but now I just listen to music. I'm sold and extremely excited. Check out whatever you can that's available to hear and you'll find the one that suits your tastes. In terms of the Hydra 6 or 8 compared to an Ultimate outlet there is really no comparison. The UO is good for what it does but the Hydra does way more in terms of sonic performaance. I started with a High Current UO ,moved to the P500 and finally the Hydra 6(new model)and I feel I need not look further. Perhaps there are better conditioners out there that would have me excited as well but I'm grateful to be able to enjoy the Hydra.
Are speaking of the new, new black Hydra 6 (there's a 4 and 2 also)?
As I understand those new models have most of the features of the Hydra 8 except the FeSi compound.
Mr bill,
My Hydra 6 is the new model. It's quite good.