Hydra 8 after Equitech 2q

Anyone try this; or the reverse?
Or Hydra with something --or Equitech
2Q with something else?
Personally, i WOULDN'T recommend putting a conditioner btwn a balanced power transformer and your system.
I used to run a Burmester 948 conditioner, and scrapped it after I realised dynamics were getting squashed. It had an led readout which showed current voltage which fluctuated all over the place.
On installing a 4kVA balanced transformer I got all the advantages of the Burmester (detail and air), but with none of the downsides.
Placing the Burmester in series with balanced showed the voltage stabilised totally, ie balanced doing it's job, but the Burmester again introduced a softening in sound.
My advice would be scrap the conditioner, go for at least 4, if not 8kVA balanced power, and address grounding issues. I use Entreq Silver Tellus - check my dedicated thread on 'tech talk' forum.
Did you try the Burmester 948 before the balanced transformer?
I understand Differential noise can extend well beyond the limits of the balanced unit.
Ptss, not possible to put the conditioner before the balanced transformer since the latter is hard wired into my mains. Don't think it would make any difference anyhow.
Thanks Spirit.

I run isolation transformer > power conditioner > power regenerator with great results.
Ymmv, obv. Sabai, can you give details on your chain.

Made-in-Germany Block brand isolation transformer > my own power conditioner (soon to be commercialized) > Monarchy power regenerator.
I used to run a Furman IT 1220, (balanced power similar to EqiTech) then a Hydra 2, then power amps,but never tried putting the Hydra in front of the Furman.

In my mind it seemed more correct to balance the power and then filter it.
Also,the Furman has a huge transformer so I felt that I would be limiting it somehow by running it into the Hydra first and not the wall.
Some folks think that power amps with large transformers are robbed when they aren't wall plugged so plugging the Furman into the wall seemed to make sense to me.

I did have a friend ask me why I didn't do it the other way around, but I've since changed systems and power my amps direct from the panel using 20 amp breaker and two runs of solid Romex # 10, with no isolation transformer or power conditioner,but using high quality receptacles from the same manufaturere and using the same material construction.

Until I powered up this way,using the Furman and Hydra on a non dedicated standard line was better than into the wall without either.
Lacee, have you experimented since installing the 20 amp dedicated line? I did and found my conditioners to be still invaluable. I believe on oversize transformer such as my 2Q also has reserves of power. My 200 watt amp never drew more than 3-4 amps on loud music through my 90db efficient speakers. Equitech has technical info online.
I was running both my amps on one of the dedicated lines and my front end gear on the other.
I was running the amp line into a Furutech GTX D R-then to a Hydra 8 with an Annaconda 20 amp power cord then 2 Annaconda power cords out of the Hydra and into the amps.

I went to direct line from the panel to the amps with only a Furutech F! 48 at the end of the lines going into a Furutech Rodium !EC at the amps end.

Much simpler and in my system, cleaner sound.

I put the Furman in my HT separate system,also on a dedicated 20 amp line.

All is good.
Are you saying the Hydra 8 was of no benefit?
Did your Furman benefit your HT system? In which ways?
What did you do with your Hydra 8?