Hydra 2 for CD payer & Integrated amp.

Hi, just like to know is it o.k to put my CD player & integrated amp power cord in the 2 sockets of Hydra 2.

Does it have any sound quality problem by doing so ?

The only way to know is by trying,but most will suggest not to mix digital and non-digital stuff on the same line.
You would do much better having 2 Hydras running on two dedicated lines. The only way to totally isolate your digital from analog. If you cannot spring for that much $$, go for one dedicated line for your Hydra, and just plug in you cdp. Use the other line for your integrated. That will give you excellent results. You probably will be happy enough to never do the dedicated line for your integrated. The real magic will happen with the source. let us know what you do....happy listening, warren :)
I have done this with good quality gear,and so have many others who are getting great sounds. Two lines with two Hydra's is 2 much
"2 much?" maybe, but not "too much." Digital with analog in same Hydra? Jbello, how does that equate to electric nirvana? So you don't believe in dedicated lines, I suppose? Jeremy there are ooldles of threads about this in the archive. Do your homework and you will be released.
If you try what I suggested: one dedicated line plus Hydra--analog on separate line--you'll thank me later...I treat my electric as another component. Electricity is very mystical, with qualities that affect electronics in various ways. Some deleterious. Some, heavenly.
I have experimented with plugging my preamp and digital source into the same Hydra 2, and I heard absolutely no difference than when I had the preamp and amp plugged into a separate Hydra 2 on another dedicated outlet. So, based only on my experience, I would have to say plugging a digital source and an integrated amp into the same Hydra 2 will work just fine.