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Long time reader...that is, I see the emails roll in for the daily and weekly recp sessions..and they are very interesting. 

I have wanted to move back to tubes.   As a teenager in the early 70's I had a makeshift old workhorse 1959 General Electric G7700 Integrated amp that I loved...  In 1976, I managed to secure a Sansuai 1000a receiver...that I still wish I had. 

Back in October of '83 I secured Yamaha separates (as a 24 year old...I had to have them!) I was convinced that these separates were royalty. - C-70, M-70 and (recently re-coned) Cerwin Vega D-8's and a Grado Platinum 1 cartridge and a Dual 1219 Turntable that I secured. 

Then...last year I found another General Electric G7700 that I got back up and running...that I put into storage after a couple of weeks.

My point:  As a younger person, I had seen the light of tubes...and I want to move back... I want to see about building a hybrid system.  Should I bother buying a tube amp or a tube preamp...replacing one of the Yamaha separates? (I read that tube preamp is usually the way to go). Or is it a bad idea altogether?  I know there is  Impedance issues doing the hybrid route.   And, I am not sure of the "audio world" worthiness of the Yamaha units; that is, they work perfectly since a complete "go-through" (sans caps) was performed a couple years ago but I am not sure if they stand up to time in the audio-gear world, per se.  I do want a bit more warmth and color.  The Yamaha units seem rather bland and flat with their "Natural Sound".  Or am I crazy?  Or, are the Cerwin Vega D-8's an issue?

I know I am all over the map here...

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?  Anything would be be appreciated.

The Yamaha units seem rather bland and flat with their "Natural Sound". Or am I crazy? Or, are the Cerwin Vega D-8's an issue?
Your CV are great speakers for parties, if you looking for more warmth and refined sound, my suggestion is upgrade the speakers first.
A good tube integrated like the Raven is the sweet spot and awfully hard to beat without spending a huge amount more. https://www.ravenaudio.com/product/osprey-mk3/ If you have the budget for it then https://www.ravenaudio.com/product/reflection-mk2/ Either one of these will be my next move up from the very fine Melody integrated I have enjoyed for about a dozen years now https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 which if you want a great amp for less than a new Raven let me know I might just decide to move on it a little sooner than planned. 

The only other one I would consider is Prima Luna, but they are made in China, so good luck with that. Raven are made in Texas.
Thank you so much.  I appreciate the quick honest and detailed responses. 
Looks like I have some work to do :)
I agree with the comment about your speakers....
Tekton Impact Monitors would be a significant upgrade over the CV's! And quite affordable! Pair them with a Prima Luna integrated tube amp for a bit of audio heaven!
Not only has equipment (and recordings) changed a lot over the past 30+ years, but your own tastes and hearing have probably changed a good bit over time as well (I know mine certainly have).  Not that there’s not some excellent gear from back then — there certainly is and some probably fully serviceable today — but this seems to me to be a great time for you to get out to some dealers and/or audio shows and hear what’s out there now.  FWIW, here’s an idea of a hybrid system that wouldn’t cost a ton but likely sound awesome:

Don Sachs tube pre: $2500 w/all options
Valvet E2 Class A amp: $2195 available here now
Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire: $2950 available here now

Best of luck in whatever way you eventually go. 
Thanks to all. I appreciate the shared experience and expertise with the attention to detail. i will share the next steps in my audio journey.
I encourage you to consider a speaker upgrade. Then if staying with separates try a tube preamp with your Yamaha amp. 
Thank you... Yes, the speakers should be my first consideration.  I suspect that if I secure a really good, efficient set of speakers, then I will likely appreciate my Yamaha M-70 and C-70 significantly more....even with the marketing tool of "Natural Sound". Flat but true. Granted the CV's are very efficient...101 sensitivity, but they are like a muscle car...not much finesse with the power but they will do the job very effectively.  But, the subtle color added to the power... like say a Ferrari.  I have been eyeing a set of Klipsch RF 7 lll.  I have never heard them...I have heard they are magnificent...but, honestly, the cost is keeping me away.  These colorful and bold RF 7 lll's would help the "flat "Yamaha separates.  I am rambling here...

Thanks again to all.
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Upgrading speakers first will help you to better choose the right amplifier.