Hybrid SACDs or CDs for Redbook Playback

At this point I only play redbook CDs but have been eyeing some of the universal players. Haven't jumped but in the meantime if I'm buying a CD that are currently being issued I don't mind paying more for the SACD because at some point I might have SACD playback. But is the redbook layer on a Hybrid SACD the same as the redbook CD issue of the same title? For example the current Rogers Waters title Amused to Death, is the redbook level on the Hybrid the same as the redbook CD being issued? Audio Fidelity issues gold CDs now for SACD playback but is the same level of care taken on the redbook layer? I guess in general is the redbook look level on SACDs just an after thought?
I've read some Stereophile reviews of early SACD players. SACD sound was fantastic while rebook was not so good. Perhaps player is optimized for SACD playback. Processing for SACD and CD is completely different (different DACs).
One way to look at it is thusly: The improved sound you will enjoy later from the SACD layer makes sacrificing any possible better sound the CD layer affords now worthwhile.
Always preferred the redbook layer of hybrid sacds over the sacd layer. The redbook layer on a sacd should be just as good as the CD
I don't know if the redbook layer of hybrid SACDs is carefully downsampled from the SACD layer or is just the old 16/44.1 file from the plain old cd release laying around. I think it would probably vary from SACD to SACD, but it would be nice to know if anyone has knowledge about this.

I don't trust record labels and think that they have a financial interest in the SACD layer sounding better than the redbook layer, but I really don't have any facts about the question. Does anyone know how the redbook layer of hybrid SACDs is handled?
question - are SACDs compressed like Redbook CDs, you know, loudness wars and everything? maybe the industry considers SACDs off limits for aggressive dynamic range compression since more mature listeners presumably purchase SACDs.