Hybrid SACD's sound better than Red Book version?


I'm considering getting some hybrid SACD's. But do they sound better than the Red Book version of the same CD? My DVD player also has SACD decoding; and I thought the sound was OK. But listening the the Peter White SACD Glow on my DVD/SACD player (Sony NS-755), and comparing it to the Red Book version played through my Dodson DA-217 D/A.....the Red Book sounded better! I mean I could hear what the SACD was trying to do. But listening to it though the $250 worth of electronics of my DVD/SACD...seemed to defeat the point of SACD. So I'm thinking, instead of spending more money on a new SACD front end; I'd rather use the hybrid SACD's to play on my current front end. If I found a hybrid version of Peter White's Glow on hybrid, would it sound better than the Red Book version I have?

Thanks guys!!
Ouch we've been here before I think.
I don't know the particular disc your speaking of S. but typically amongst the hybrids I have-Stones and The Police-the Redbook layer has been remastered as well.
As such the 5 albums worth of material I own on hybrid were better than their previous CD incarnations.
DSOM by Pink Floyd is a different kettle of fish regarding redbook as that has had some varying opinions on how it sounds and how it was done-a whole subject on it's own.
As for SACD vs CD at your level I have found the same experience in my system others haven't (even at this level) and further up the chain the claim for SACD superiority is even more vocal amongst some Audiogoners.
Buy a disc or two and make your own mind up.
Remember that anything out on hybrid SACD has at least three masterings available:
1) the DSD layer of the SACD disk
2) the Redbook layer of the SACD disk
3) the original CD release.
(Note that there may well have been other CD releases as well.)

Any one of these three masterings may sound better to you than the others (for reasons having nothing to do with the technical advantages of SACD). It's possible that whoever remastered Glow for SACD made a hash of it. It's also possible that you're used to the older, CD version, and it just appeals to you.

I wouldn't assume that this particular disk is representative. For any given release, the best version (to your ears) could turn up on any of the three alternatives I listed above.