Hybrid: pro's and con's?

Are you getting BEST of the two "WORLDS" having a Hybrid amplifier?
All I can say is my personal experience. I've had high end stuff since my first Audio Research/ Magneplanar system in 1973. I searched and searched for that "perfect amp". Loved the mids and highs of tube yet they had something lacking in the dynamics and low end authority. Loved the control of high quality solid state ( Krtell, Levinson, etc) but they sucked at everything the tubes did well. Then I heard the Lamm Hybid monoblocks. Expensive, yes. BUT. They are the answer. They do it ALL in spades. Deep fleshy bass that is just redolant with tonality and subtle low end detail. The mids are vibrant and crystalline. I can hear the warble in the throat of a vocalist. The highs are pristine and shimmering without so much as a hint of harshness or glare. They are a unique design. Only the second gain stage is a single 6922 tube. All other are solid state. IMO Vladimir is a genius. I have stopped looking for that perfect amp. Enjoy the music.
Remember that the 6922 input tube is also what Randy White uses in his Llano Trinity S-200 amps. I have not heard the Lamm amps myself but, everyone that has bought them seems to think they get the best from tubes (midrange & highs) and ss (bass control and deepest bass). If you want to try a great sounding (for the money) hybrid, buy a used Counterpoint SA220 or NPS 200/400. I have also listened to the ARC version but, can't remember which model. It also was excellent. Does anyone remember which ARC hybrid models sounded best?
How about Integrated "hybrids"?
I own both the Lamm ML-1 mono's and the Pathos Twin Towers Hybrid integrated. The Pathos is extremely good at a third the cost of the Lamm's. I had a $250.00 capacitor mod done to my pathos and it gives the Lamm a real run....the Lamm is still front and center but the Pathos is the clear winner in terms of value. You can occassionaly find these used on Audiogon for $3250-$3500.
I agree the lamms are the best Had krell cj ar vac etc the lamms sound neither like ss or tube just natural the palpability of tubes almost with tubes harmonic correctness and the control and transparancy of top end solid state I'm using the m2.1 with logans soon to upgrade to kharmas or verity I dont miss the krell kma 100s or the cj prem 5s these amps are keepers! Works very well with lamm ll2 single ended line stage Ive come to the conclusion its only as good as the source The lamms add little electronic glare so you actually hear the the real quality of the recording No listener fatigue with Vladimirs components Mitchell