Hybrid AV amp?

I'm looking to put together a HT setup in my basement. Nothing fancy but with the move to digital tv I thought i might as well. I am looking for something like a Jolida Hybrid (tube pre/solid state output) like the 1501. I dont need anythin more than 5.1 and most likely its 2 fronts and a center with a sub down the line.

Anythin out there? I did some searching here and on videogon and the web.

Did you check Butler Audio?
In my web wanderings I did look at their stuff before i was thinking of tube HT. Just looked at it and yes this would be great but I teach for a living and $2400 puts it out of my range.

Maybe used?
Grinnell: I have seen them used on Audiogon many times. Good luck and hope you see one soon.