Hybrid Audio Research?

Anyone in the forums hear about a hybrid sd 135 comming out soon? I was at a dealer the other day looking at a vsi-60 and was concerned about lack of power for my totem winds. He told me they were expecting a new hybrid to come out in the next mth or so. Has anyone else heard anything about it?
Audio Research Corporation website and ARCDB website has everything you want to know...it is not a hybrid however. Are you refering to a newer version of the SD 135?
The SD135 is the latest model solid state power amp from ARC. I am not aware of a new hybrid model SD135 and doubt ARC would release a product of completely different design using the same model number as it would completely confuse everyone. As the owner of a SD135 I can say that it may be the finest amp I have ever owned, including ARC's own 100.2 and 150.2. I am working on setting up an ARC amp shootout featuring these amps as well as a VS110 and a McCormack DNA500. It should happen in September and I will post the results. If you are looking for a solid state amp with tubelike dimensionality and timbres then I would encourage you to have a listen to the SD135. It is phenomenal.
It wont be the same number but will be using the same state amp, but with a tube pre. I will let you know as soon as it comes out. The dealer is suppose to let me know the min its out.
Well after much debate i have made up my mind. I will be stearing away from the tubes just because of lack of power. I have opted to go with a Bryston Bp 26 with dac incorporated and Bryston's 4b sst square. Thanks for all the patients and knowledge to the forums on audiogon. I should get the 4B sst in about 2 weeks and will keep you updated. Thanks again to everyone.