Hybrid amps that can play 1 ohm loads

I have Apogee Scintillas and am looking for a modern high current hybrid that can play a one ohm load and still maintain the beauty of tubes in the midrange. This will take an amp with a heavy duty power supply that still can sound like music. Any ideas would be welcomed. Bob
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George Kays new moscode 401HR. George invented the hybrid over 20 years ago. It would be a match made in heaven. The best part is he offers a money back policy. Good Luck
You will find some 2 ohm amps around.
However, the only 1 ohm amp I know of is a vintage Grommes G101A. It is a fully tubed amp, amazingly nice, 100/120 watts per channel, taps as low as 1.4ohms.
Check Grommes-Precision.com
The Moscode does not do very low impedence loads.

"The Moscode 401HR offers pretty good measured performance, though it is clearly not happy driving loads below 4 ohms. It also looks the business, with that seductive glass front panel softly glowing blue.¬óJohn Atkinson"
I'm very curious to know why you're selling the H20 amplifiers? I was under the impression they were the ideal match for Scintillas...
Thank you for the question. H20 is a wonderful amplifier on the Scintilla as well as many othe speakers. Henry Ho the designer of the H2O is a marvelous guy and truly dedicated audiophile. I am a tube guy and miss the midrange that only tubes can provide. I like warm and romantic sounding amplifiers. I am hoping to get a bit of the tube magic that some might call euphonic but to my ears it sounds like music. The hybrid could provide the power and still have the tube inputs. Bob

Tough quest. You could try the Moscode (I own one), but I don't know how it'll handle the 1 ohm load. You'd probably have to use them as monoblocks, and then you'd have to hear them to know for certain if they did what you wanted. The 401HR's sound can be manipulated to have the euphonic sound you like. I've done it.

Of course, Lamm is an option if your wallet can handle it, and you might look into Wolcott Audio.
Maybe Blue Circle?

You must look take a look at these amps Cadence Canasya's (4 845's Per Monoblock). http://cadenceaudio.com/productfr.html its a auto-bias with a solid-state driver stage.

I use them with a HP-100 and the Manger 103, outstanding!!!


Ohh and I forgot to mention its stable at 1 OHM.

If you have the money you could ask Frank Van Alstine to make the Fetvalve 550 stable to 1 ohm. I know it's stable to two ohms. Van Alstine has a user forum on Audiocircle.com. I also have learned that it's easily the best amp I've heard. The Blue Circle I owned though was neck and neck with it just not near the power and far more money.

I certainly see your problem. Maybe you should try some planar type speakers that are easier to drive.
Bob, Are you not finding the magic you want with a good tube preamp and SS amp? From the replies so far it seems like 1-ohm tolerant hybrids are very rare and expensive. Not to mention they are not the most well known brands. I have been burned by buying from a one-man company that disappeared into the night.
Audio Advisor sells Vincent Amps - hybrids rated 300wpc into 4 ohms and advertised as stable into 2 ohms. I've not heard them, but they meet your criteria.
Someone mentioned to me the Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000 from around 1990. Does anyone know anything about this hybrid amplifier? Bob
As silly as it sounds, try the DK, for about 12oo, and get some pw amperex usa 1950's.....should actually work out real fine for you.