Hutter Racktime racks, any way to get parts? Is Hutter still in business?

We're doing a big install for a client who has a couple of the Hutter Racktime racks which he'd like to continue using for his home theater gear. For his music room he's upgrading to a stunning Finite Elemente double wide with the new carbon fiber shelves that Finite just showed at Munich. But for the theater he'd like to continue to use the Hutter. He needs some longer extensions, the little metal parts that hold the levels together and determine the space between the shelves. We have repeatedly contacted Hutter in Austria at the email address shown on their website to see about buying these parts and gotten no reply. Are they out of business? They have a very fancy website. I'm shocked to have gotten no reply.

The dealer he got the racks from is no longer in business. I searched and searched and couldn't find any dealers listed in the US but I did find one English speaking dealer who graciously responded to my inquiry and let me know he no longer has any contact with Hutter.

I guess as a last resort that we could try to have some parts custom made though it will be a challenge to visually match the finish of what he has on the other levels unless we replace all of them. Does anyone know a dealer or distributor who possibly might have a stock of these parts? Or some other suggestion for how to resolve this economically for our client? What we want are the longest ones, listed as 330 mm in the Hutter Racktime parts catalog, and we'd buy 16 of them if we could get them but any number would be appreciated. 
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