Hurricane sounds - very dynamic but bad

Hi members,

As I type the eye of Hurricane Lili is about to pass through our area here in Lafayette, Louisiana. My family and I are safe in our home and the winds have luckily died down from 140 to less than 100 mph . The noise is very dynamic but in a scary way. We are lucky to still have power but that may soon change. Keeps us members and folks in your thoughts and prayers as we get through this.

Having lived through one hurricane is plenty for me... no electricity, no sewer service, no water, contaminated water, debris everywhere, roads and bridges impassable.

Lafayette, La. is a great little town, and they sure know how to cook! Love those crawfish!

Good Luck and keep us posted!
Good luck Lloyd. Keep those RM40s dry (actually, they may be big enough for you to huddle behind).


Best of luck to you. My brother in law and his family live in LaFayette, LA as well.

He's my only hi fi buddy in the family.
Keep us posted regarding how your doing!
Lloyd, I wish you the best for your family and you. As a correspondent, I have recently been in several life-threatening-sutuation, e.g. in Afghanistan and Chechnya. I send you my best wishes.
How's it going this morning ? Let us know when the storm has passed and you've assessed the situation. Hope all's OK.
Well guys it is over and we just got power back a few hours ago. Things are really messy around here with trees falling on and through houses. There were quite a few tornados and the winds were fierce. My house came through and everyone here is fine. The RM 40's are ok too even though you don't think about this stuff too much going through one of these. This was our second one around here in two weeks - the other was a lot smaller at only 40-50 mph and not much of anything where I live, Thanks for all your concerns! I am going to eat some crawfish ettoufee.