Hurricane DT

I purchased some Hurricane DTs a few years ago and they've been working great, until last night. I was adjusting one of the bias pots and the tube blew (in VB1).. now the amp is reading -001 on each of the bias pots and no volume through the speaker. I thought it might be the fuse so i swapped fuses and still have the same issue. I attempted to take out all 8 of the KT-88s and bring them up one at a time but the meter still reads -001. Any ideas?
I had an original pair of Hurricanes myself (loved them. Is yours the newer version?

This has happened to me a number of times in the past and since I an not a tech type of person I had to have the amp serviced. I hope someone here can advise you of an easy fix. If this is one of the older versions I heard that this problem was addressed in the newer versions.

Good luck!

the tube probably took out a resistor near that tube that blew.
03-23-09: Jwm
the tube probably took out a resistor near that tube that blew.
Jwm is probably right. I had the same problem with one of my ASL amps. VB1 wouldn't move beyond .002v after swapping in a known good tube. After removing the bottom cover and looking at the circuit, we could clearly see a burned out resistor next to VB1. We took voltage readings around the resistor and they were way off compared to the same points near VB2, VB3, etc. If you have a multimeter, and you're comfortable poking around high voltages that can kill you, you can fix this yourself by finding the resistor and replacing it. If you haven't done this kind of work before, take it to someone who has. You can probably find someone local, but if not, here are some suggestions:
By the way my friend had these amps modified by the gentleman
in upstate NY. These are beautiful sounding amps especially in triode. I think they sound better than VTL and Audio Research. Enjoy
If you are getting no bias reading even with a good tube in place, the first thing to check is the B+ fuse located inside the amplifier.

If you remove the bottom cover, you will see a fuse on one of the relay boards, this is the B+ fuse. It should be a 1A Slow Blow. There is a good chance a bad tube took out this fuse to protect the rest of the circuit.

If you replace this use and still having the problem, you may have taken out a cathode or screen grid resistor. These are not always easy to spot by eye unless they are burnt.

As other have mentioned, be carefull inside these amps as there are leathal voltages present.