Hunter S. Thompson R.I.P.

Shot himself in the head in his Colorado home. He was an original and will be missed.
Intentionally or accidentally?

Sorry to hear he's gone, though I must admit I am surprised he lived this long! I would have figured his liver would have just walked out on him before now!
I have to say I was shocked but not surprised. It somehow seemed almost appropriate. He will surely be missed.
Thats too bad. he was definatly one interesting fellow
Truly sad.
Intentionally. It seems a broken leg and hip surgery had left him depressed.
man...definite bummer.
He was a gun lover. One wonders if he had been drinking heavily when he shot himself. I will miss him, for one. I remember, very fondly, his short article called "Jimmy Carter's Law and Order Speech". I think that one was in the "Great Shark Hunt" collection of his writings.

Running for Sherrif on the Freak Party ticket was truly inspired.
"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."
----- Hunter S. Thompson
I heard more later, and it does sound to have been intentional. I hadn't heard of the recent surgeries, tough I personally always considered suicide a cop out, maybe beetlejuice had it right, and when I die, Hunte will be filing my application for something!

Really sorry he's gone, I never got to drink with him.... though I doubt I could have come close to keeping up!
What, no mention of Sandra Dee dieing as well? Her and Hunter are surely dancing the long dance and laughing at us somewhere.
Hopefully he's hanging w/ Zevon.
The man lived life by his terms, and went out the same way. Gone - but not forgotten.

Thank you for that quote, it's the first thing to make me feel better about this...

Sorry Hunter had to have 'gone over' but I guess I can sympathize that it's better to burn out.... you get the idea......

I'm still surprised his liver held out for as long as it did!
Hunter S. Thompson was one of my favoite authors and he changed my little mind for ever when I read "Fear and Loathing in Las Veagas" when I was a jr. in highschool. I have read many of his other writings and wow he amazed me. It almost does seem suting that he went out the way he did. It did not suprise me but it did startle me.
I echo what Accorddude said. I too read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", when I was a junior in high school. He always had a different view of political events, like he was on the peripheral edge of a story. It wasn't always accurate, but it was interesting. I thought that he was a talented writer and reporter--Rolling Stone magazine. RIP buddy. Have another mint julip on me!