Humor In Music

I've always liked bands who display a sense of humor in their music. Warren Zevon and Steely Dan appeal to me largely because they don't take themselves too seriously. But when it comes to the master of comedy in lyrics it has to be Frank Zappa. I listened to his "Apostrophe" album last night and found myself laughing out loud at some of the songs. The lyrics in Cosmik Debris, Uncle Remus and Dinah-Moe-Humm are like a stand-up comedy routine set to music. If you're looking to put a smile on your face, just fire up some of your Zappa collection!
A bit eclectic but one my favorites...Eddie from Ohio; lots of humor in their lyrics. And don't forget the classic Sheik Yerbouti....
Harry Nilsson always had a sense of humor in his song writing.
I love Zappa a lot--saw him 5 times and years later played a lot of his music, even got to play with some of the original Mothers. Great stuff, funny stuff, but sometimes I find some of the 70's lyrics a bit too much--kind of middle-school level.
I think his stuff from the 60's is top-shelf, nothing better than that. Absolutely Free and We're Only in it for the Money are stellar LP's.

Steve Goodman, Spike Jones and Homer & Jethro also did some great comedy music.
Genesis often displayed a whimsical sense of humor in their music (Phil Collins especially so, particularly on-stage).

Another lesser known British progressive rock band that incorporated subtle humor as an element of many of their best works is Caravan, still one of my all time favorite bands.

Also the Mael brothers from Sparks have to get a mention in this conversation.
For me I really enjoy Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D. To me the Rise of the Phoenix album sounded great and I just couldn't stop enjoying the music and laughing. If you can't smile while listening to the song Roadie or 39 there is something wrong with you.
Some notable satires of ...

Doo Wop: "Who Put The Bomp?" (Barry Mann)

Michael Jackson: "Eat It" ("Weird Al" Yankovic)

Classical: "The Unbegun Symphony" (P.D.Q. Bach, aka Professor Peter Schickele)

-- Al :-)
Amongst his many popular attributes, Johnny Cash often demonstrated a fantastic sense of humor. The unique thing about him was his ability to establish a special connection to so many in so many different ways. Humor was just one of the ways.
@ Tostadosunidos

You are correct sir, "We're Only In It For The Money" is sheer genius. And, you must be pretty good to play Zappa stuff. No slouches in his bands.
Zappa and Zevon are two of the great humorists. I think that Pete Townshend's lyrics are full of funny double-entendres. Try singing the innocent chorus of "Squeezebox" going "in and out and in and out" and "playing all night" without a smile. Of course Pete is only describing a Mother's musical instrument. Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway also have great lyrics.
Oddly, there's a Kid Creole thread directly above this one. In my book, the Kid is THE master of funny lyrics. Check out "I'm a Wonderful thing, Baby" or "No More Casual Sex" to start. Then try "Haiti" or "Endicott". It's really ongoing musical theater and very very funny at times.

Steely Dan doesn't take itself too seriously? Becker and Fagen can compete with the most self-important people I could ever imagine. Maybe Fagen has changed because he's pushing 70, but back in the day, he never struck me as a person who thought his music was anything but the most profound sh!t to ever hit the planet. Not that it wasn't good stuff. But humor?
LOTS of humor in Steely Dan lyrics, along with cynicism and acerbic statements.

Try listening to them sometime.
The lyrics of these Lyle Lovett songs are pretty funny, "She's No Lady" and "She's Hot To Go" from Pontiac.
Good call Rja. LL definitely has a well developed, dry sense of humor. How about the line in "Family Reserve" from Joshua Judges Ruth "He missed the swimming pool only by inches, everyone said he was drunk.
Definitely Loudon Wainright III, as well as David Bromberg.
Jond, I fully agree with Bromberg. Quirky humorous lyrics.
Bowling for Soup is a parody band that rocks. Back in my day I guess Ray Stevens was the Weird Al and there is also Flo and Eddie formerly the front men for The Turtles.
Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks....featuring the 'Lickettes'!
Bob Dylan is another that increasingly over the years often lightens things up a bit in his music with some subtle humor. He often does not seem to take what he saying too seriously anymore, he just says it and lets the cards land where they might.
Chuck Berry and The Coasters. Plus there's always Run C&W.
No band or artist can match Frank Zappa. His "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore" collection HILLARIOUS with every song!
Carla Bley often cacophonize famous american songs with humor and no spoken or sang word. She's a true maestro and artist.
Residents full of grotesque, black humor, humor over religions and huge joy to watch live
Don't forget Jane Sibbery and not only ...Reminds of My Dog song! She's AWWSOME!

Always thought Slobberbone's lyrics were clever/fun.
Justin Bieber
Funniest music I've ever heard
I've been watching this thread for weeks, just knowing someone will mention Spinal Tap.
That's about as as humorous as it gets
In the classical world, anything by Professor Peter Schickele in his PDQ Bach albums.
Wc65, Bobby Brown may surely join Justin and not only Bieber, but Timberlake as well.