Humor friday. Expencive fuses and?

So I was thinking while reading another form about expensive fuses.

At what point does it make more sense to just put a copper bar (99.999999 of course) across the fuse holder as the next down stream component is way cheaper to replace then the expensive fuse? 

oh wait maybe also wire the power companies cable directly to the amplifier that way we can eliminate the expensive power cables and outlets too. 

oh wait why not build a power station in the front of your house to dedicate stable power to that amplifier. now were cooking. cooking the house when it burns down but hay its humor.

 its a joke smile its Friday. TGIF

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I know it’s a joke but the copper bar thing has been done for a long time.
You takes your chances.......
True story...
A few years back I purchased a used Honda VFR800.
Rode it for a few weeks no problem.
Then one day it just shut down ( middle of freaking nowhere of course). In the dark, no tools.....
Called AAA, had it taken to the Honda dealer.
They found that the main fuse had been replaced with a solid piece of copper and now part of the wiring loom had fused together and shorted out, hence the shutdown.
$800 later for a fuse.........
The guy who had that Honda VFR800 before you never read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
No poop! Lol

Btw Nonoise did you say you have a Garrard 401?
Curious what arm and cart you run on it.
Maybe you could pm me rather than hijack this deep meaningful thread.....
There was a guy that posted a picture here or maybe on AA of his custom made gold plated breaker box.The interior was all gold.I thought it was funny anyway:-)
I have a 301 with a Jelco 750L Van Den Hull Cart
Oh my gold plated breaker box, wonder what the kitchen sick was made of. 
Sorry, that wasn't me. My last turntable was a B&O tangental tracking turntable and that was a long, long time ago. 😄

All the best,
My bad Nonoise, must get a better memory!
Glenn, how long have you had the 301?
Just checked it out on your system pictures, nice looking plinth, what is the wood?
What did it replace?
Gold plated breaker box sounds like something out of trump tower.  
I’ve had the 301 for a couple years now. I
m the second owner the old guy I got it from bought it new. its a white grease bearing so older one but in such well cared for shape I was lucky. the plinh is a multi layer bamboo ply. with some accent wood insets. also has a damping chamber filled with sand.