humming noise

Hello frends, my audio gear is as follows:
Well Tempered Labs Classic TT
JLTI Diamond phono stage(Alen Wright design)
Shelter MM cartridge
Krell Amp
Usher speakers
I have been enjoying audio bliss, for approx 30 hrs since buying, the shelter, "black silence"
I forgot, to check the "overhang", of the cartridge, so adustered it, it was only out by a small amount, to make it spot on, I had to move the cartridge, a small amount, towards the end of the arm tube, to the spot on area, however when I turned the amp on a loud humming noise, is now coming, from both speakers, I checked the cartridge clips, and all seems O.K., I can't believe that buy moving, the cartridge, a very small amount, would cause this!!,
Hoping someone can help, as I live on the far south coast, of Aust, the nearest audio shop, is 3 hours drive, I'm not sure they be able to help, as turntables, are rare here!!
Many regards
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Given your description, I would suspect the cartridge may have moved one of the wire leads into headshell. I'd double check that really good first.
Seems to me that you disrupted the grounding somehow. Recheck cart clips and all grounding connections.
Do you get the hum all the time or only when you play a record?
Put the cartridge back to the position it was in before you moved it. If the hum goes away then just leave it that way.
I hope you loosened the mounting screws when you moved the cartridge! Some cartridges will fail if the body of the cartridge is tweaked too much.

Otherwise you have good advice here.
Thanks, to all of the above, I have found out what happen, I twistered, the cartridge, and broke the sheilding,on the cartridge, it has now been fixed,buy a bloke that builds TT.
As I said before, thanks, you people are very importmant.
Many Thanks