Humidity question - please try to answer...

Does humidity go up before rain comes?
I am trying to understand why my system sounds better on some days.

Thanks in advance...
Great point - I have noticed this too. There is research being done on that very topic by the French and German governments. One of the main researchers (Pierre Johannet) has made claims that heavy ions in the air modify the resonant frequencies of the surface dislocations in wires of a stereo system - and that it is audible. He has calculated all this analytically and experiementally proven it by modification of the resonant frequencies with means of a passive filtering box as well as through modification of the air's ions by misting water in the room or using a dehumidifier. His double-blind testing has revealed an 85% correlation rate in both cases which, for researchers at least, is plenty to make his concept valid. The work is still ongoing and I read every paper they publish about it. There are also some great editorials about it in French and German hi-fi magazines. So, you are not alone in noticing this phenomenon.

Arthur, so if I move my rig in my bathroom next to the shower stall, this will enchance my listening experience?
So I guess the reason I enjoy my set up so much is because my rig is just outside my bathroom! Enhanced listening pleasure offset by hastened corrosion.

"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy."
Maybe so, that's why my basement system sounded better : )

It might be the opposite for the electrostatic speakers.