Humble Request For AC Cable Recommendations

Greetings! I am just wondering if the educated and experience folks of this forum might be able to give me some recommendations. I have narrowed things down to needing some new AC cables for the powered monitors but am hoping not to have to spend a lot of time with trying different options. The system is technically for hybrid purposes, production and audiophile listening. Here’s what I have---

Transparent Audio Reference AC Cable in MM2 at the front end

Transparent Audio Powerisolator8 in MM2

Lavry Black AD and DAC with Triode Wire Digital American Cables

Mac Pro with RME AES pcie card and Triode Wire Digital American Cable

KRK VXT6 powered monitors with Signal Cable Magic Reference AC Cables -- It honestly surprised me a bit that these sounded the best to me of other things I tried, as they were much cheaper than everything else in the system and are meant more for DACs etc than powered monitors, but they seem to bring the sound very close to what sounds good in the room; they’re just a little too bright, making the sibilants a little too intense/harsh, and they sound a *tad* stuffy. If I could get something that has similar a sound stage but just a little more open-sounding and a little less bright I will be happy. I was looking into something like the Cardas Parsec cables, but some reviews are saying the new age of Cardas cables are a little bright and weak on the bass, so that’s probably not the right direction for me. I’ve tried a number of things but I’d rather just get some recommendations instead of reporting negative things about other companies. The KRKs are a little finicky and I will probably replace them eventually but for now I just need to get the sound within range.

Looking to keep it in the 300-500 dollar range. Everything is connected with custom Mogami XLR cables from Redco with ground prong lifted at the destination component. I have several preamps and mics but I’m good with those, really trying to get the monitoring right.
Thanks for your time folks!
I realize you’re going to get numerous responses, I’ll share mine.  I wanted to relocate my monoblocks, and needed longer power cables.  I had been running Shunyata Black Mamba power cables, I believe I paid around $1400 a piece for them, it was 4 or 5 years ago, so I’m not 100% on the price, maybe it was $1200.  Either way,  I had 0 interest in spending that on power cables, again.  I ended up going with a set of Voodoo Cable Mojo’s; which is pretty close to their entry level cable.  Ten footers ran me about $250 a piece.  Just to see, I A/B’ed them against the Shunyata’s, I literally heard 0 difference.  I spent about 2 hours going thru numerous tracks I was very familiar with and literally nothing.  No difference.  

To the extent at which they cover down on symbilence, brightness and other sound oddities, I wouldn’t be able to comment.  I don’t hear any of that, but I’m also not using powered monitors and am using a speaker/room correction device, along with room treatment.  All I can say is that when A/B’ed to a cable that cost twice as much, there was no audible difference.  

Another option would be to call The Cable Co.  They’ve got hoards of cables and when I’ve spoken to them, they knew a lot about the characteristics of each cable, positives/negatives and such. 
Hey, Thank you for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it. I will look into the Voodoo Cables as well as the Cable Company. Thanks!
If the amps in the monitors are Class D then just get two more Digital Americans if Class AB the 7+'s since you are comfortable with the TWL sound.  
Not to take anything away from cables that are listed on Agon, The Cable Co also has “The Used Cable Co,” which they rent out cables for folks to test out. Between there and Agon, you should be able to source what you’re looking for.  I should also add, they are sales people and will likely attempt to “upgrade you,” as they did me, but I didn’t budge.  Good luck!
Thanks for your input. I have kind of a side question. How long do you give a power cable to burn in before you make an assessment? Do you let it burn in for 500 hours before you make any judgments, or can you tell pretty quickly if it's "in the range"?

I've already tried a few options and let each one burn in for a couple days and some of them sounded so bad to me I couldn't even deal with further burn in, but now I'm questioning whether I didin't them enough of a chance. I'm currently auditioning some that sound "on the fence" so I'm letting them break in longer, but I'm wondering if I should retrace my steps here.

It's just hard when they require hundreds of hours to show their "true colors" but you only have 30 days to make a decision and several options to try! :-P